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World Uncovered app review: Travel to new heights with world uncovered 2021



As someone who has always loved to travel, it’s always interesting when you come across any kind of tool that can help make your travels more interesting and exciting. Personally, I don’t like to limit myself by only traveling to the big cities as there’s a whole world out there just waiting to be explored from the mountains to the oceans.

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I recently returned from a canoe trip in the backcountry and I was thinking at the time that it would be great to have a good way to record the memories from that journey and as it turns out there’s a local guide app for iPhone that can not only do that, but also act as a great way to keep you motivated to keep up those travels.

World Uncovered is kind of like a cross between a travel journal and a video game designed to keep you active. You are the star of this video game though and, if you want to uncover the world as you go, you’re going to have to keep moving. It’s an interesting concept that has a lot of potential to be a big hit amongst travelers.

The travel discovery app for iPhone is also compatible with other iDevices. Keep reading our World Uncovered app review to see if it's one of the best iPhone apps for local places that you have ever used.

World Uncovered


Multiple Map Display Modes

The developers of this app weren’t content with simply relying on a basic map, they’ve actually included four different map modes to make things a little more exciting.

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There’s a mode that will actually show you the different landmarks you’ve visited, another mode that shows you how long it took you to get there, a third mode that shows you the elevation that you reached, and another mode that shows you how often you visited a certain place.

Score Points and Earn Achievements

Where things really get interesting with this app is that you can actually score points and earn achievements for visiting famous landmarks.

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So for example, if you happen to visit the Eiffel Tower you can score some points and if you have friends that also love to travel you can turn it into a little bit of healthy competition determining who’s visited the most famous landmarks.

World Uncovered


Save Your Memories for Posterity

Perhaps the main reason for this app, apart from acting as a motivational tool to get you traveling, is that it also happens to be a great way of keeping track of your memories for posterity.

When you see the places you’ve visited laid out for you clearly on a map you’ll quickly get a picture of how avid a traveler you really are and if it turns out you’ve been a bit too much of a homebody this may be just the motivation you need to kick your travel itinerary up a gear.

Versatile GPS Compatibility

While your smart phone is the ideal companion for this app, it’s designed to be used with any iDevice that’s compatible with the two standard GPS formats – GPX and KML.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re using a smart phone, tablet, or some other iDevice, World Uncovered will do a good job of tracking your travel activities and making them available to you.

Game Centre and App Integration

People travel for many different reasons and for some of us the joy of travelling and discovering new places is enough of a reward in and of itself, but if you’re a little more competitive and want to compare notes with your friends and family you’ll be happy to know that this app not only helps you to keep score, as we’ve already mentioned, it’s also fully compatible with Game Centre so you can find out how much of a world traveler you really are compared to other people right across the globe.

Fog of World Compatibility

Most apps and games do their best to protect their proprietary interests and get you to use their app exclusively so I was quite pleasantly surprised to find out that this app will allow you to import data from your travels with the app Fog of World.

There’s no doubt that the developer is trying to convince you to switch to their game, but it’s still a bit of a gamble even mentioning the competition so you have to say hats off to them in this instance.

Pros and Cons


  • A fun way to combine travel and gaming
  • Simple intuitive controls
  • Multiple map display modes
  • Score points and achievements
  • Keep track of your travel memories
  • Versatile GPS compatibility
  • Game Centre integration
  • Fog of World compatible
  • Maximizes battery life


  • Instructions could be easier to find

Get Your Travel Shoes on

If you already love to travel, or if you’re just looking for a little motivation to get out there and discover the world, then World Uncovered is the perfect app for you. This app does a great job of combining elements of a travel journal and a competitive video game into one fun little app that has the potential to go a long way. It’s the perfect travel companion for anybody on the go and definitely worth a look.

World Uncovered

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