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WeatherBug app review



WeatherBug by Earth Networks, Inc. gives you access to worldwide weather information.

The best iPhone apps for weather

With this free weather app you'll be treated to an absolutely massive network of real-time weather forecasts, alerts, and sensors. There is even an early-warning system so you'll have information before things even begin to happen. The app is actually able to pinpoint locations right down to an exact neighborhood to give weather details.

Some of the many features available include interactive maps that lets you press and hold a location to access the current conditions. There are multiple layers to the maps that will show you air pressure, humidity, wind speed, Doppler radar, traffic information, low/high forecast temperature, and satellite imaging.

WeatherBug – Weather Forecast


More Information

You'll know immediately if there are any severe weather alerts or dangerous thunderstorm alerts (DTAs) in the location you’ve selected. You'll also receive National Weather Service (NWS) watches and warnings.

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The brand new Spark Alerts actually turn your mobile device into a lightning detector, giving you mile-by-mile alerts when lighting is happening and how often. It's given to you in real-time when used with GPS location information.

I got a kick out of the "Lifestyle Forecasts" that helped make up my mind if it was a good day for a visit to the beach, a good day to take off, or a good day for skiing. These were really helpful when planning outdoor activities.

Free Android weather app!

WeatherBug – Weather Forecast


WeatherBug – Weather Forecast

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