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Suggestic - Automated Nutrition Coach app review: an innovative approach to health and nutrition 2021



As someone who’s had a lot of experience trying to control and maintain a healthy lifestyle, I know how difficult that can be.

Boy, do I envy genetically gifted individuals that never have to worry about their weight! For the majority of us, life’s a little more complicated and normally requires a combination of proper diet and exercise to achieve a level of health and fitness that we’re satisfied with.

There are all kinds of fitness plans and support structures out there, and quite a few of them can be found in the App Store. It’s not easy figuring out which ones are actually worthwhile, but there are a few gems if you know which nutrition app for iPhone to download.

One of these gems is a nutrition app for iPhone called Suggestic – Automated Nutrition Coach. This is an innovative app that basically asks you a bunch of questions and then comes up with a plan based on those answers. It’s not only a great concept it – it actually works!

This top iPhone app for nutrition is also compatible with the iPad and the iPod Touch. Fore more details on what this app has to offer, continue reading our Suggestic app review.

Suggestic - Precision Eating


Personalize and Define

The first step is to set up a login, which simply involves entering your name, email, and creating a password and you’re ready to get started. The app then asks you to teach it about yourself. Essentially, the more information you provide it the better it can help you.

It acts as your own personal robotic assistant. It’s a unique approach that seems to make you feel more invested in the app. You can use it if you live outside the US, but you won’t have access to its full range of features. The restaurant recommendations are all US based.

Once you have passed the initial set up process, you’re then asked to define your goals. Basically, what this means is you can define if you simply want to eat healthier or are you actually trying to tackle a specific health condition that you’re dealing with.

How you answer each question will determine what question the automated assistant asks you next. It’s a pretty ingenious process that can potentially provide you with a much more focused health plan than what other apps and programs typically offer you.

Set a Base Diet and Add Restrictions

Once you’ve chosen a path, the app begins to ask you dietary specific questions so that it can make useful recommendations.

For example, if you’re looking to reduce your carb intake it will suggest cutting out or reducing such things as potatoes, chips, rice, etc. Once you’ve defined your target, the app suggests a few popular diets to get the ball rolling.

It will then have the information it needs to start making real suggestions to help you change your eating habits for the better. What I like most about this approach is that you have a lot of personal choice – they’re not just trying to ram one specific program down your throat.

This is where things really get interesting. Even after you’ve selected a diet you want to try, your automated assistant doesn’t just assume you’re going to like everything on the menu. They ask you if you have any restrictions.

This allows you to avoid foods that you may have an allergy to or you just don’t like by choosing items from an exception list they provide you with. This is the first app in the App Store that I’ve come across that takes your diet plan to such a personal level.

If you’re actually following a diet that includes only foods you like, there’s a much better chance you’re going to stick with it.

Suggestic - Precision Eating


Instant Recommendations

Once you’ve selected your diet and specified your restrictions, the app is ready to get started with suggestions. It will ask you to have access to your GPS to determine your location and make recommendations for nearby restaurants.

As mentioned earlier, if you live outside the US this particular feature will not work. For those living inside the US, the suggestions are quite detailed and it will examine online menu information to determine what fits the guidelines you’ve set. Eating out has never been so straightforward and stress free.

Access Over 1 Million Recipes

The app doesn’t just give you recommendations of what to eat at certain restaurants – it also gives you access to over a million different recipes. If you can’t find something you would like to make from that many options, you’re probably not going to have a good time on any diet.

Most people fail on diets because it presents them with too many restrictions. This app tries to take the opposite approach by providing you with as many options as possible.

It also has a great cheat sheet section that shows you examples of foods you should be increasing, foods you should be decreasing, and foods you should simply avoid all together. 

Apple Health Integration

As you make progress with your new diet plan, it’s nice to be able to track your results in one central place and, with that in mind, the Suggestics app is also compatible with Apple Health.

If you’re not familiar with this app, it’s Apple’s built-in fitness app that’s designed to track many different aspects of a healthy lifestyle including diet, exercise, and body measures.

Pros and Cons


  • Personal Automated Assistant
  • Define Your Own Goals
  • You choose a base diet to use
  • Select foods to avoid
  • Use GPS to find restaurants near you and make menu recommendations
  • Access to over a million different recipes
  • Cheat sheet with examples
  • Includes Apple Health Integration


  • Restaurant feature does not work outside the United States as of yet

A New Way to Live Healthy

Suggestic Automated Nutrition Coach is probably one of the most innovative dietary assistant apps available in the App Store. What makes it unique is that it actually tailors its suggestions based on your own likes and dislikes.

It’s much more personal than other apps and should give you a greater chance of success. Definitely recommend this app to those wanting to eat healthier, get fit or stay in shape. 

Suggestic - Precision Eating

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