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Priority Matrix app review: get organized and streamlined 2021



In today's fast-paced world, we either grow, learn, or adapt, or we get left behind. People who are ambitious, and Type-A personalities like me, tend to always bite off more than they can chew. And, then we improvise along the way.

The best iPhone apps for keeping organized

However, it can get quite stressful if one does not have the right tools to get organized such that tasks are prioritized correctly and streamlined efficiently to get everything done in time.

Furthermore, a big project such as writing a well-researched book, putting together a business plan, or even completing an interior design project in a house would entail a ton of moving parts which would need to be structured in a way that makes sense and that can be assigned and delegated to the collaborators or team.

Rushing into the App Store to help support such ambitious people and projects is the Priority Matrix app. This life organization app for the iPhone, iPad, and desktop enables users to segregate their to-do list into various sections including Do Now, Do Later, Delegate, or Postpone.

This task organizer app is highly intuitive interface combined with supreme functionality will help even the most overburdened people right down to the procrastinators who have trouble prioritizing the right tasks, or breaking them down into small actionable steps.

This is truly a game-changing app. Let's discuss some of its functions and features in our Priority Matrix app review. It might just be one of the best apps to keep you organized.

Priority Matrix


Easy set up

After downloading this small 64 MB app and firing it up, users will encounter a short slideshow tutorial which will familiarize them with the concept of the app. Right away it feels like a high-quality app behind which the developers have put in a lot of thought and care.

Best iphone and ipad apps

Users can sign in using Gmail or another email account. I chose to connect my Gmail account; entered my password, enabled notifications & reminders, and I was good to go.

Get Your Priorities Straight

The main screen consists of a clean interface with four quadrants that can be resized by dragging a slider in the center. Some instructions are in place for first time users. Quadrants are as follows: Do Now, Do Later, Delegate, and Postpone. Users can start adding items to each quadrant.

Priority Matrix


Customize Each Item

Each item can have just a single header, or it can have a bunch of details assigned to it. Tapping on the item opens it up and then users can edit various components such as its title. Some notes can be added, the icon can be changed, a date can be set for completion - the options are limitless!

There are some nifty little sliders including progress %, effort required (measured in time), due date, and reminders. From this item view, users can also invite others to collaborate on specific items via email by tapping on the "owners" icon.

Collaborate & Share

Emails can be retrieved from the address book of the email account used and users can be invited either to contribute to a specific item, or to the entire project from the main screen.  

Items can be dragged and drop from various boxes, as well as within the box to reorder, duplicate, mark as completed, and to get rid of it from the list. Quadrant sizes can be adjusted with ease.

When an item is "Picked up" for dragging, the options emerge at the bottom to mark it as completed, move it to another quadrant, or delete it altogether. Tap on any item to explore the details that were previously set up.

Suggestions for Use

My little tip would be to keep the "Do now" list as small as possible, and keep dragging from the "do later" quadrant.

Whether you are a master procrastinator or need to be able to summon razor sharp focus, doing one thing at a time is the ideal way to go about completing a project. Furthermore, having too many tasks to complete on a given day right can make one feel overwhelmed.

Aside from using it for daily tasks or a personal planner, you can also use this app for a single big project and break it up into small, actionable tasks. For instance, studying for an exam can be broken down into separate categories, activities, self-assessments, and so on.

Book projects can be done with various research deadlines, time caps for drafts, putting together the cover, speaking to publishers, and so on.

Pros and Cons


  • Lightweight app (64 MB)
  • Intuitive and clean interface
  • Ability to collaborate with others
  • Break big projects into small actionable steps
  • Set up reminders, due dates, effort required
  • Keep track of the progress on each task
  • Easily edit various components of each item or the quadrants
  • Universal app: iPad, iPhone, or Desktop.


  • None

A Versatile Tool

Priority Matrix is an incredibly versatile tool that can be used in a number of ways. Whether you want a simple list app that helps you organize and visualize your to-dos, or you are collaborating on a big project with several components on a strict deadline, this app will help you get organized and streamlined.

It is packed with all the functionalities that can make it an indispensable tool for anyone who is looking to up their game or find themselves faced with a gargantuan task that seems overwhelming at first glance.

I have always had a low level anxiety issue from taking on too many opportunities, but I will go as far as to say that this app is helping me alleviate this issue as well.

Priority Matrix

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