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iSpreadsheet Free for iPad app review


iSpreadsheet Free

Price: Free

iSpreadsheet Free by Savy Soda is a finance app that gives you the power of spreadsheets on your iPad.

iSpreadhseet is an interactive program allowing you to organize and analyze information in a table form. 

Now you can manage worksheets both online and offline while you choose between portrait or the wide-screen Landscape view. It is a very easy to use spreadsheets with all the basic functions you have come to expect, including cell formatting, column resizing, and clipboard copy/paste.

You can load .CSV and .XLS files from your Google Docs, without having to format and with the ability of having unlimited file size, unlimited rows and up to 26 columns, it ensures this app is ready to help tackle even the biggest jobs.

iSpreadhseet was updated to Version 5.6 on December 19, 2012. It has a total of 10,421 customer ratings with an average 2.5 out of five stars. Feedback has generally been a little less then enthused for this app, however with this newest update, users are appreciative of some of the fixes made including a crashing issue, and an issue when copying empty cells. Users are quick to point out that the fluid graphics, and familiar interface, in addition to the online help will keep them coming back to this app.

I enjoy not having to lug around my laptop with me when I need quick and easy access to spreadsheets. One aspect I make sure to always take full advantage of is the auto save feature; it has saved my butt more than once!

For: iPhone, iPod touch, iPad with ioS 4.3 or later

iSpreadsheet™ : Office Sheets


iSpreadsheet™ : Office Sheets


iSpreadsheet™ : Office Sheets

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