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Relax Melodies app review


Relax Melodies

Price: Free

Relax Melodies by iLBSoft gives you a selection of white noise that you can use for meditation, relaxation, sleep, and even yoga.

If you have issues with sleeping and/or insomnia, white noise just may be the answer for you. With this app you can personalize your favorite sounds, select from 46 of them, and let them lull you to sleep.

It doesn't have to be sleep you use the sounds for, as they are great for promoting relaxation, meditation, and are fabulous during yoga and/or Pilates.

Features of this app include the 46 ambient sounds that also include two binaural beats frequencies which is meant to provide entrainment for brainwaves, Retina graphics, aurora and star animations, and the ability to mix different sounds together to create a customized melody. There are eight favorites already built-in that you can enjoy, a clock display that allows you to choose between themes and brightness level, the ability to save/name/create/sort/and replay your melodies, and there are multiple timers and alarms you can use.

This new version has made some improvements with the quality and looping of sounds, added some bug fixes, reduced the size of the app, and made the help screen easier to use.

Relax Melodies was updated on Apr. 20, 2012 and has 5,250 customer ratings with an average rating of five out of five stars.

I really enjoyed the selection of ambient sounds here, with 46 to choose from this gives you plenty to work with and customize your own melody with.

For: iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad with iOS 3.1 or later

Relax Melodies: Sleep Sounds


Relax Melodies: Sleep Sounds


Relax Melodies: Sleep Sounds

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