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Beautiful Weather for iPad app review


Beautiful Weather for iPad

Price: Free

Beautiful Weather for iPad by The Beautiful Weather Corporation is more than just an app that delivers the weather to your iPad, it does so through beautiful looking designs.

The idea behind this app is not to just give you the daily weather details but to allow you to experience it with your senses as well using a multi-sensory interface. There is a standard free version as well as a paid version. In both versions you're treated to a sensory weather experience.

This free version gives you everything you need to know about the weather, for all locations across the globe. You'll also be given two historical events from the day called "This Day in History."

Where this app stands out is with its panorama view. You're given a landscape scene that takes you through the day's weather so you'll be able to see for yourself how it will play out. It will show you morning, afternoon, and evening forecasts.

You're given more than just the daily forecast: you'll also be able to view a weekly forecast that is updated regularly and can be viewed in a single screen as either landscape or portrait mode. Also be sure to check out the weather around the world with a 3D view of the Earth. You're able to zoom in on and rotate the globe.

Beautiful Weather for iPad was updated on Dec. 21, 2012 and has 77 customer ratings with an average rating of four and a half out of five stars.

I really enjoyed this app’s take on delivering the weather. It’s a different approach tha,t as the developer stated, really does appeal to your different senses.

For: iPad with iOS 5.0 or later

Beautiful Weather & Alerts


Beautiful Weather & Alerts


Beautiful Weather & Alerts

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