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AliveECG app review



Price: Free

AliveECG by AliveCor Inc is an FDA-cleared medical app that is intended for use by licensed U.S. medical professionals and prescribed patients to record, store, display, and transfer single-channel electrocardiogram (ECG) rhythm strips.

For users interested in this app should note that AliveECG is intended to be used in conjunction with AliveCor’s heart monitor. This app is simple to use and has proven accurate in clinical trials. Simply rest the electrodes on the fingers of each hand, and once sufficient contact with the skin has been made the countdown to initiate the ECG recording begins.

While the ECG is recording it will display your heart rate and any ECG over ten seconds will be automatically saved in the app for review at a later time. Now you have a powerful ECG monitor with you wherever you go. In the newest update you will now be able to record a limited number of ECGs without being online or logged in.

AliveECG was updated to Version 1.0.2 on January 25, 2013. It has a total of five customer ratings with an average of three and a half out of five stars. Feedback from medical professionals indicates that this app in addition with the heart monitor is an extraordinary deal. One doctor can be quoted as saying he will use this app in his practice to differentiate between Afib and PVCs during office exams.

I am not a medical professional nor am I in need of an ECG on any regular basis, so this app has very little appeal to me. However, if you are a medical professional or have been prescribed the need for an ECG machine, this app is well worth checking out.

For: iPhone, iPod touch, iPad with iOS 6.0 or later






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