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Good casino apps


With almost 50,000 casino or slots apps now in the AppStore, it’s important to be able to find the diamonds in the rough and as we have already reviewed more than 200 of them, we feel we are in a good position to help in this matter. The range of options is so varied that it can get confusing in sifting through them all. The market is dominated by a few big players that can have more than 50 casino related apps in their portfolio and they can utilize this audience to cross promote their apps to existing users, while the independent developers must avail of imaginative ways to promote their offerings. Today we look at some of the good must not as well-known apps that should get more recognition for their quality.

Riverboat Gambler

With 32 different casino games to play, most of which I had never heard of, this app offers a very realistic game experience and has instructions for each of the different games. Developed by a casino player with an obvious passion for the games, he answers all questions in the AppStore personally which is something we love to see. With so much on offer in the app, it needs constant updates and we are also glad to see this app is updated on a weekly basis. We rarely see that level of commitment from other developers.

The best casino apps for iPhone 2021

Heart Bingo – Free Bingo, Casino and Slot games!


Heart Bingo: Real Money Games

Of the many bingo apps that we looked at, the Hear Bingo apps is one of the best. Developed by Gamesys, the app is one of many from Heart Bingo and its partner sites. Offering daily free games along with char features, quizzes and prizes, the app is very much a social game. There are also slots and casino games within the app, offering quite a range for your entertainment.

Best iphone and ipad apps

Blackjack Trainer 21

What sets this apart from other Blackjack apps is that it teaches you as you play.  With so many different variants in the game, this app explains as you go the different options on each play while also giving feedback on your play. Knowing whether to stand, hit, fold or double on any given hand is important to know if you want to play like a professional.  Different house rules are also incorporated in to the advised strategy positions which enables you to master many different versions of the game.

Heart Bingo – Free Bingo, Casino and Slot games!


Craps – Casino Style

One casino app I just can’t get my head around is the often seen in movies game of craps. Thankfully, this app explains the rules and allows us to either learn the game or improve our skills, whichever is most appropriate. With the dice rolls resulting from a standard random generator, you can feel sure that the game is in fact a genuine game of chance. The game experience is lifelike and the graphics pretty good, doing a good job on replicating the real experience of playing in a casino. The app offers lots of free coins and you can also keep track of your losses and winnings.


Overall, despite the many apps available, we found these 4 stood out against the competition for variety, interest and general value.

Heart Bingo – Free Bingo, Casino and Slot games!

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