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Find lost items with the impressive Tile app 2021



Finally, with the Tile utility app I was able to achieve peace in mind. I am a kind of creative person and a day dreamer, and often keep forgetting where I put my phone, left the keys or remote controls.

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With the Tile app for iPhone, I was able to make my life easier, worry less about things dear to my heart. The app helps me stay cool and not loose temper while searching for things in my home.

Keep reading our Find Lost Items app review to see why this is a good iPhone app for finding things. 

Tile - Find lost keys & phone


Easy set-up

The application is user-friendly and quite intuitive, has got a comfortable to read font, understandable icons and clear instructions when using functions for the first time.

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At startup, the application checks whether Bluetooth and GPS are turned on, and if not, requires them to be turned on. Internet access is also needed - to register an account, read help and view the position of the tracker on the map, but the good thing is that basic functions also work offline.

Registering each new tracker in the application is not difficult, you just need to bring it closer to the phone with the application on. You can name the tracker, upload a photo of the item to which it is attached.

Tile app

Safe and secure

A huge advantage, unlike standard programs, is that you can easily track the location of not only the phone, but also a variety of items, thanks to the range of Tile Bluetooth trackers.

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Sticker is a tiny plate that can be glued to your electronic equipment, to have it bound to the app. I use it, for example, when I need to track down my bike. Finder Slim, similar to a bank card, I keep in my wallet and laptop.

There are also finders in the form of a key ring. With the application, you can see how far you are to things when you are looking for them, even if you can’t hear a sound signal. There are also a lot of many interesting extras in the app and they are quite easy to understand how to use them.

Tile - Find lost keys & phone


Tile Premium Version

I bought the full version of the application for a year to have an extended warranty for three years and a service of warning messages (Proactive alerts), as well as Free Battery Replacement.

But even without the premium version, the application and the technology itself deserve attention. And also, it seems to me, the Tile beacons can be an interesting gift.

Extra features

Family access makes it possible to use the same tracker by all family members. For example, other family members can use the app to spot the TV remote control. For other family members to be able to use the search function of this application, what you need is to install the application to the family member and provide them with access.

There is an extra option to change the ringtone that sounds when searching for the device. This is a way of adapting the device to the tastes of the application owner.

Another useful thing is that you can see on the screen how close you are to the device you are looking for, which in turn reduces the time and area of the search. If the circle is completely green, then the thing is nearby, and if not, then while moving and observing the color change, you can determine the location of the object.


The app is designed in such a way that it is always on to periodically update data. To do so, geolocation and Bluetooth must be constantly turned on, which will result in quick exhausting the battery in the phone.

Tile - Find lost keys & phone

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