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Inkflow: Think Visually! For iPad app review


Inkflow: Think Visually! 

Price: Free

Inkflow: Think Visually! by Qrayon LLC is a productivity app that acts like a word-processor for visuals, giving you the ability to capture your ideas as easily as if you were using pen and paper.

With Inkflow you can arrange and then rearrange your ideas anyway you like. You will swear you're using a real pen with how realistic the ink feels. Write your thoughts down as you go and then come back later to rearrange them to fit the bigger picture. This is the perfect tool for brainstorming and planning, allowing for prototype layouts, drawing, and sketching.

With a full resolution zoom you can add fine details at full quality. Zoom in or pan out with two fingers; the ink stays crisp and clear no matter how close or far you get. Easily add images and text boxes anywhere on the page and resize as you see fit. Export books to PDF or as a high-resolution JPEG, and share them on Twitter, through email, or other apps.

Inkflow: Think Visually! was updated to Version 2.0 on February 20, 2013. It has a total of 1006 customer ratings with an average of four and a half out of five stars. Feedback is mainly positive with users loving the creative approach to note taking. They complement its ease of use and handiness, but some users feel the free version is lacking in features and find $7.99 for the pro version unjustified.

I enjoy messing around on this app, it makes brain dumping easy, emptying all your thoughts and putting them into writing. Once finished you can go back through them and edit, erase and organize as needed. All in all this is not a bad app and it’s worth making your next download.

For: iPhone, iPod touch, iPad with iOS 5.1 or later

Inkflow Visual Notebook


Inkflow Visual Notebook


Inkflow Visual Notebook

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