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Vivino Wine Scanner app review


Vivino Wine Scanner

Price: Free

Vivino Wine Scanner by Vivino ApS is a food and drink app that is the wine lovers dream come true. Giving you access to a vibrant wine community, and one of the largest wine databases on the Internet.

With a huge database containing over 500,000 wines and 20,000 wineries from around the world, you have endless information at your fingertips. Be wowed by Vivinos Wine Scanner as it automatically recognizes your wine through label analysis. If the scanner is not successful, don’t worry, the wine will be manually matched for you by experts.

Don’t forget to check out the wine facts, tasting notes, and ratings from other users who will also let you know where is best to buy and more. When you scan a wine it is saved to your wine list, which can be accessed through the app or the website. You can use the Nearby feature to check on the selection of wines available at your local restaurants, supermarkets, or liquor store, so you will always know what’s on hand.

Vivino Wine Scanner was updated to Version 4.0.1 on December 17, 2012. It has a total of 316 customer ratings with an average of four out of five stars. Feedback is middle of the line with users both appreciative of all the content the app offers but discouraged with the functionality of the scanner with many users reporting wide amounts of inaccuracy.

I am a wine lover and so I can appreciate this app for the great details and information, if not for the scanner itself. With the Vivino Wine team ready to assist you with its inaccuracies it makes up for the scanner's lack of consistency. If you love wine, I recommend you give this app a try.

For: iPhone, iPod touch, iPad with iOS 5.0 or later

Vivino: Buy the Right Wine


Vivino: Buy the Right Wine


Vivino: Buy the Right Wine

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