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Slacker Radio app review


Slacker Radio

Price: Free

Slacker Radio by Slacker Inc is a music app giving users the ability to turn their iOS device into a great radio with an even better selection.

It doesn’t matter what mood you’re in because with Slacker you get over 200 expert-programmed stations covering every imaginable genre, so you will always have access to the music you want when you want it. You will have the ability to search by song and artist, or simply leave it on a station and enjoy the music as it is brought to you.

You can also personalize your experience with news, sports and talk from ESPN, ABC, and many more. While this app is free it does have commercials but users will have the option to subscribe for a commercial-free experience. The subscription also allows users to create custom stations, build playlists, and provides the option for offline listening.

Slacker Radio was updated to Version 4.0.126 on February 20, 2013. It has a total of 62,123 customer ratings with an average of three out of five stars. It’s clear that many people really enjoy this app, with a huge selection and the best in music and entertainment this is becoming a favorite. Some users have had some issues with the most recent update and has caused some frustration but the overall experience with this app has been very pleasant for most who use it.

I love this app, it’s awesome and it provides just enough content as a free app to keep me coming back. I have been considering upgrading to a subscription as the additional features and the lack of listening limits is appealing. All in all this is one of the better music apps available and you should check it out today!

For: iPhone, iPod touch, iPad with iOS 4.3 or later






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