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Wellness Coach: Mind Body & Sleep Coaching App Review-2021



Wellness Coach by Meditation.LIVE Inc. is a wonderful addition to the meditation niche in the App Store. However, it goes beyond the standard meditation app to include additional features that really make this a more holistic approach to your overall health and wellness. 
If you are looking to improve your health, wellness, sleep and peace of mind then continue reading our Wellness Coach app review to see all that is included in this fantastic app.  
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Wellness Coach



Improve Your Peace and Sleep

Like every good meditation app, Wellness Coach has a variety of meditation sessions to participate in for various aspects or ailments of life.

Best iphone and ipad apps

For example, if you are anxious or stressed out, there are meditations specifically for that. In fact, there’s dozens of different topics that will guide you through a meditation on a specific issue that plagues us all at one time or another.

Furthermore, these meditations are organized and easy to find in the navigation menu. The sound is crisp and clear, while the visuals are also soothing. It’s a nice blend of content and atmosphere.

Another way this app can help you is to improve your overall sleep. This can be done through some of the meditations mentioned above, through bedtime stories, audiobooks, or through some of the live classes which we will discuss below.

On a side note, Wellness Coach will also teach you how important it is for you mental, emotional and physical health to get a good night sleep on a consistent basis.  

Fun Total Body Workouts

One of the things I like the most about this app, and where I feel it stands out from most of the other options in this category, is that Wellness Coach also has workouts designed to complement your meditations and overall wellness plan.

From cardio to total body workouts, the library of routines is great. The Cardio Burn workout truly lives up to its name. Get dozens of routines all in one convenient app.

Wellness Coach



Live Classes to Join

Where Wellness Coach goes beyond most of the competition is through their offering of live classes. With a paid subscription, you can get access to over 1,000 on demand classes, over 50 coaches and a community that will help motivate you to achieve your wellness goals.

Some of the topics covered in these classes are positive mindset or moods, creating kindness or inner peace, and improving mindfulness. There’s so much on offer here that it’s like having an entire wellness center in your pocket.


Pros and Cons


  • Library of workout routines
  • Live wellness classes
  • Dozens of meditations
  • Audiobooks
  • Bedtime stories
  • Easy to use and navigate
  • Visually top notch
  • A great overall wellness app


  • None to mention

Final Thoughts on Wellness Coach

I’m absolutely impressed with what’s offered in this app. There’s so much here that it was hard to summarize everything available in this app.

The free content offers plenty for users, but it’s the paid subscription where you really get your money’s worth and then some. If you are serious about improving your overall health and wellness, then you will be hard-pressed to find a better holistic approach than this platform.

Wellness Coach

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