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Trinks Quiz Party: an exciting quiz party game app review



Do you enjoy playing trivia games? Do you and your friends frequently attend trivia night at a sports bar or restaurant? If yes, then check out Trinks Quiz Party as it could become your go-to trivia game app for parties, game nights or other gatherings.

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This game is simple to navigate, fun to play, and challenging with its trivia. That’s the ideal recipe for a trivia app in today’s iOS landscape.

Trinks - Quiz Party



Are You a Trivia Guru?

Are you a trivia guru? If you claim to be one then it’s a good idea that you download this app and put your trivia knowledge to the test.

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There are numerous trivia categories to choose from, which will truly challenge your all-around knowledge. Additionally, it’s also about how quick you can get the answer. If it takes you too long, it might cost you the win in a trivia game night.

Single or Multiplayer

One of the attributes that I like about this trivia app is that you have the option to play by yourself or with others.

Single player mode means you play the game by yourself and try to move up the leaderboard. It’s a good way to hone your trivia skills and/or showoff as you become one of the leaders.

The Multiplayer mode is probably the preferred usage for this game as it allows you to play with friends or family members.

The great thing about multiplayer mode is that every player can use their own iDevice to play at the same time. You don’t have to huddle up over someone’s iPad or try to crowd around an iPhone.

Instead, the host of the multiplayer game will share a code that’s given to the host when a new multiplayer game is set up. The host will then share this code with all of the members participating in the game.

Form teams, play as individuals, or any other combination since each player can use their own iDevice. It really makes it easier to have a trivia game night and more enjoyable as well. You can also play in separate locations just in case someone can’t make it over.

Trinks - Quiz Party



Additional Trivia Packs

Trinks comes with free trivia packs to use. These categories include topics like Fun Facts, General Knowledge and Travel. Additionally, there’s a Tasks feature that challenges users to perform tasks like running in place for 30 seconds.

Unlike other trivia board games, Trinks has many other trivia packs that can be purchased through the app for reasonable prices. This is great because it means you can continue to use the app without coming across the same questions over and over.

Some of the additional trivia packs include Sports, Travel, TV and Film. As you can see, these categories are well worth the purchase as they are popular, fun and most people know a lot about these topics.

The developers give you the option to purchase each pack individually or collectively for a discount. Furthermore, you can also remove adds with an in-app purchase.


Pros and Cons


  • Simple to use
  • Single or Multiplayer modes
  • Easy to set up Multiplayer
  • Leaderboards
  • Interesting Categories
  • Fun Tasks


  • Some people don’t like in-app purchases

A Simple Game That Makes Game Night More Fun

Game night just got better with this app. You will definitely improve your trivia night with the use of this app especially in multiplayer mode. It’s so easy to set up, fun to play, and convenient to use whether you are all in the same room or in different locations.

If you don’t already have a game night that includes trivia, then Trinks is a great way to create your very own trivia night for friends and family.

Trinks - Quiz Party

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