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Parcel - Track & Send Packages app review



Whether you send packages or letters for personal or small business purposes, this package tracking app is the ultimate source for keeping track of all of your shipments and deliveries in one convenient location. And, the great thing about this app is that it’s free to use.

Further adding to this package tracking app’s attractiveness is its wonderful interface. Not only is it easy to use, but it’s visually appealing as well.

Let’s dive deeper into our Parcel app review to learn more about what the app has to offer.

Parcel - Track & Send Packages


Track Packages Quickly and Easily

In order to track all of your packages or letters, you must enter in the information for each package. Fortunately, the app makes it a smooth process as it can read bar codes through your iPhone’s camera. You don’t have to enter the long tracking codes manually.

To make things even more accurate and easier to organize, the app can also recognize labels and tags, which helps to quickly identify the carrier.

Parcel hits a home run with how it automatically recognizes the shipping information that we would normally have to do manually, which many people feel is a tedious process.

The app will also send notifications for whenever a package’s status changes. For example, the app will notify you when a package or letter is delivered.


Conveniently Prepare Your Shipments

Tracking incoming packages isn’t the only function for this app. You can also take care of all of your shipping needs if you are sending a package or letter.

The magic starts with using the app to automatically detect the size of your package. This is very convenient for those of us that are bad at guessing the actual size.

Once you have the size, you can then calculate an estimate for how much the item might cost to ship. There will be various options of prices and shipping time to choose from.

But, that’s not all. Users can print out USPS labels and even send the information including images to the recipient of your package.

Just like with tracking the incoming packages, Parcel also makes it easy to track your outgoing shipments. Stay on top of every step throughout the shipping process.

Parcel - Track & Send Packages



Pros and Cons


  • Great way to stay organized
  • Smooth user interface
  • Visually appealing
  • Track incoming and outgoing shipments
  • Get notifications
  • Automatically scan bar codes
  • Automatically scan package size
  • Send details of shipment to recipient


  • That I don’t have enough packages to track!


Don’t Ship or Mail Without the Parcel App

When I first sat down to review this app, I thought it was going to be another run of the mill utility with a specific niche and very little to get excited about. I’m pleased to say that I was wrong.

Parcel has made a fan out of me and it’s an app that I plan on keeping for the long term. I do a lot of online shopping and eBay transactions, this app is perfect for it.

Additionally, it’s nice to be able to just go to one app and not a dozen different apps or sites just to track the status of a shipment.

Don’t ship another package or send another letter without downloading this app first

Parcel - Track & Send Packages

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