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PDFelement Pro - PDF Editor app review



Whether it’s for school, business or personal needs, the PDFelement Pro app can meet all of your PDF demands. This PDF tool provides users with many fantastic features for creating and editing PDFs that really make this utility stand out from its peers.

However, before we dig deeper into this app, make sure you download the Pro version. Our PDFelement Pro app review will be all about this updated version of the utility created by Wondershare Technology. So, type the exact name into the App Store search bar or click on one of our download links.

Let’s take a closer look at how to read, edit, annotate, and create PDFs with this app.

PDFelement Pro - PDF Editor



Quickly View and Create PDFs

PDFelement Pro makes it very easy and simple to view PDF files and documents. You can scroll in vertical or horizontal mode, search the PDF, zoom both in and out, and view as single or double page modes. In the iPad version, you can also view two PDFs side by side.

In addition to the smooth viewing process, this app also makes it very easy to create PDFs. Just simply click on the blue “+” sign in the corner of the app and then select what predesigned format you want or need. These options range from blank to lined and grid to graph.

If you don’t want to create it from scratch, you can find saved files on your iDevice to open as a PDF file and then edit. You can also access PDF files from the Cloud and by transferring via Wi-Fi. You can also scan a document through the app and convert it into PDF.

One more quick aspect that I like when viewing PDFs is the Dark Mode. For me, and other users, it’s much easier on the eyes.


A Powerful PDF Editor

Many of the other features and functions of this app are effective and efficient, but it’s the app’s editing tools that really make PDFelement Pro a must have app for your PDF needs. There’s plenty of horsepower under the hood when it comes to editing.

And, sticking with the car analogy, this app’s editing features have a smooth handling as they are easy to use, quick to access and will meet all of your PDF design requirements.

There are plenty of icons at the top and the bottom of the screen to choose from. These icons range from adding text and images to links and more. You can change the font size and color which helps to make your PDF stand out more.

PDFelement Pro supports the Apple Pencil which also means that you can draw on your PDF files or add handwritten content.

In addition to the editing functions mentioned above, you can also use the Annotations feature which allows users to add text boxes with a variety of functions. If you make any mistakes, just click on the eraser to start over that particular section or annotation.

You can highlight, underline or strikethrough, create bookmarks, add sticky notes and so much more. Furthermore, this app allows you to quickly find any of your annotations through its powerful search function.

PDFelement Pro - PDF Editor



Other Features Worth Noting

In addition to creating, viewing and editing apps, the PDFelement Pro app also allows you to fill out and sign forms, which is perfect for businesses of all sizes.

The File Management options make it simple to organize and find PDF files on your iDevice or Cloud storage.

Once you have created or edited a PDF, save it to your preferred destination and share it with your desired recipients. There are multiple options for sharing PDF files including email.

Another feature that’s important, and not to be overlooked, is that you can secure your PDF files with passwords to keep sensitive information private and protected.

There are in-app purchases to access the full version of PDFelement Pro without any limitations. With multiple subscription packages, there are affordable options for whatever your budget is.

Pros and Cons


  • Easy to View and Create PDFs
  • Powerful Editing Tools
  • Comprehensive File Management
  • Protect PDF Files
  • Quickly Find or Send PDFs
  • Compress for Smaller Files
  • Fill Out and Sign Forms
  • View PDFs Side by Side


  • Not Everything is Free

PDFelement Pro is Your Next PDF App

This review was like the tip of an iceberg. It can’t be stressed enough that PDFelement Pro is an easy to use app with many powerful functions. The developers did a great job making this utility a fantastic tool that can meet any and all PDF needs. It’s highly recommended that you download this app.

PDFelement Pro - PDF Editor

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