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Track and Assess: A Journal and Tracker for Just About Anything in Life



If you’re like me then you probably write down, track or journal many things in life. From my health and fitness journey to things like goals, chores, and sleep patterns, I track a lot aspects in life.

Most of the time, I’ve had to use notebooks or a few different apps to gather and store all of this data. Fortunately, the Track and Assess makes it easier to track all of these aspects all in one great app.

Let’s dive deeper into what this app has to offer in our Track and Assess app review.

Track and Assess


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Track Everything You Want or Need

 As of now, I have yet to think of something that I need to track that this app can’t track. Basically, this app meets all of my tracking needs and then some.

Furthermore, there’s still so many features found in this life tool that I get excited just thinking about how much I can do with this app. But, let’s not get ahead of myself.

From work to personal needs, Track and Assess exceeded my expectations when first downloading this app.

Currently, I have probably a dozen different things that I’m tracking in life. And, that’s just for myself. You can also track things relating to other people as well like a child, spouse, parent or friend. Even though it’s not, it still feels like the possibilities are unlimited.

Tools to Track and Assess

Let’s get into some of the meat and potatoes of this app. The extra features and tools in this app are what make it so beneficial for tracking and assessing.

It starts by having the ability to add an unlimited amount of comments or thoughts to whatever you are tracking. For someone like me, that’s a great feature.

My mind is always going and I have plenty of thoughts about the things that I’m tracking in life. Sometimes, those thoughts come at the strangest times like in the middle of the night or driving somewhere. This app makes it simple to add these thoughts quickly and easily.

Another cool feature is the ability to upload an unlimited amount of images or documents. When you are tracking work things or even financial stuff, images and documents will be a big part of the process. Having it all in one place is very handy.

Other features I like are the custom emojis and the handy calendar tool. But, that’s not all. I really like the ability to generate reports and share them with others. You can also invite contacts for group reports. This function could be an entire review in itself.

Track and Assess


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A Slick and Friendly Interface

I could’ve started the review off with how the app looks when you download and first open it up. But, really, I come to expect this from top notch apps. Yet, I would be wrong if I didn’t still talk about this a little bit.

Track and Assess has a wonderful interface that’s friendly and easy to use. There’s no clutter, confusing navigation or colors that hurt the eyes. Instead, this app is professional looking and inviting.

The navigation is easy to figure out which is good for people who don’t have the patience to go through multiple levels just to get to their destination.

Lastly, the app is very secure. Your privacy is protected especially when tracking personal matters that you don’t want anyone else to know.

There are in-app purchases to experience the full power of this app. The small fee is well worth the benefits of this app.

Pros and Cons


  • Track Just About Anything
  • Fantastic Assessing Tools
  • Great Reporting Features
  • Friendly Interface
  • Easy to Use
  • Numerous Tools for Tracking


  • Some people don’t like in-app purchases

This App Will Make You a Feel Like a Winner in Life

Whatever you are trying to track, this app will meet your needs and then some. Furthermore, there are plenty of tools to properly assess the things you are tracking.

I was pleasantly surprised at how much I could do with this app. It’s taken my tracking to a new level while allowing me to track and assess many aspects of life all in one app.

This app is definitely worthy of a spot on your iDevice.

Track and Assess

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