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MyRegistry Universal Registr‪y‬: The Ultimate Gift Registry App



If you have a wedding, birthday party, anniversary, baby shower or any other significant celebration in life that involves receiving gifts then this Universal Registry app by (MyRegistry) is a must have.

MyRegistry has done a fantastic job with providing a tool to make registering for gifts a breeze. In fact, they’ve added so many features to this app that you will never use another gift registry app again. It would be like going from a Ferrari to a Ford Pinto.

For more details on the features and functions of this app, check out our MyRegistry Universal Registry app review below. 

MyRegistry Universal Registry



Stress Free Registries

One of the great things about this app is that it really takes the stress out of creating a registry for that special occasion. For example, planning a wedding tends to be stressful because there’s just so much to do.

This Universal Registry app alleviates the stress of registering at places for wedding gifts with a simple process that takes a matter of moments.

In less than five minutes, probably quicker for those who don’t fumble over their own fingers like me, you can create a registry and get on to the other aspects of wedding planning.

I found this app to be very helpful when planning my younger child’s birthday party. Instead of people showing up with the same gift, or things that he won’t ever pay attention to, I was able to create a registry and make a list of things that he wants or needs.

Be careful as this app makes it fun to add gifts to your registry or wishlist. I started thinking of registries that I could create for events that normally don’t call for gifts like the first day of football season or the first day your kids go back to school and you get alone time again.

Adding Gifts to a Registry

Once again, I must caution you when adding gifts to a registry. It can be a lot of fun daydreaming about all of the stuff you want or need.

Daydreaming aside, this app makes it very simple to pick items from any store especially the national chains. Additionally, you can sync this app with a registry you created prior to downloading the app. Now, there’s no excuse not to use it.

MyRegistry’s app also allows you to scan barcodes of items to add to a registry. So, if you are out shopping and see an item that you want or would want someone to get you, just quickly scan the barcode and save that item in a matter of seconds.

Even if the item you want isn’t found on a website, and you see it in a small mom and pop store, all you have to do is take a picture of the item and upload it to the app. Just add details about the item and where it’s located.

MyRegistry Universal Registry



Other Aspects Worth Mentioning

I never thought that a registry app could be this enjoyable to use. In fact, I never really thought about how much a registry can simplify gift giving. This app makes it easy to create registries and even easier for friends and family members to purchase the gifts.

Furthermore, the intuitive interface is the cherry on top of this sundae as it really makes using the MyRegistry app a smooth process.

Another aspect I must point out is the app’s dedication to customer support. It’s always a breath of fresh air when a company is committed to helping their customers. MyRegistry makes you feel like your experience with the app truly matters.

Pros and Cons


  • Free
  • Very easy to use
  • Create unlimited registries
  • Can use barcode scanner to add items
  • Sync with previously created registries
  • Excellent Customer Service


  • Just because you make a registry, doesn’t mean someone will get you all the gifts that you want!

You Will Never Need Another Registry App

Once you download the MyRegistry Universal Registry app, you will never need another registry app or website again. This gift management app meets every need you can think of when it comes to creating and managing registries. Give yourself a gift today by downloading this app.

MyRegistry Universal Registry

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