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Flowkey app review: Learn how to play the piano with this wonderful app 2021



Have you ever wanted to learn how to play the piano? Maybe, you are a pianist who’s looking to get back into practicing and honing your skills.

No matter what level of experience you have with playing a piano, the Flowkey piano app is perfectly designed for all users looking to become a better pianist.

This iPhone and iPad piano app is filled with a lot of great content and is presented in a professional, yet easy to follow manner.

With a smooth interface and attractive visuals, Flowkey is a piano learning app that all users should consider downloading today if they’re serious about improving their piano playing skills.

Keep reading our Flowkey app review for more details on this top piano app for iPhone and iPad pianists of all levels.

flowkey – Learn Piano



Getting Into the Flow

With over 1500 songs to learn how to play, Flowkey has a massive library of content for users to learn. You start by selecting what your skill level is from beginner to pro.

Once you pick your level, you then can select a song to learn or go the more traditional route where you do courses and exercises.

Both options do a great job at teaching you how to play the piano. For beginners, it’s recommended that you do the courses first and then learn your favorite songs.

These courses and exercises teach you all about notes, chords, hand placement, and other techniques.

If you have some experience, or are a musical instrument savant, then you can choose a song to play instead. Just pick from a category that you are interested in like Classical Music and then pick the song you desire to learn.

There are categories like New Releases and Most Popular as well.

Once you have chosen an exercise, course or song, it’s time to get into the heart of this app which is the part that teaches you how to play the piano.


Take Your Learning to a Higher Level

I really like these tutorials. They’re very professional looking, easy to follow and quick to learn. The courses are designed with a step-by-step process so you can follow along without any issues.

For someone like me, who has very little piano experience, I felt that these tutorials were in-depth and very well put together. After a few lessons, I could see that I was actually learning how to play the piano.

Before going further, it should be noted that you can actually use this app with your real piano or keyboard. I used it with my keyboard and it worked flawlessly.

This is something that shouldn’t be overlooked because many other apps try to teach you how to play the piano on an iPad which is too small to truly learn the ins and outs of a piano.

In reality, Flowkey is like having your very own piano instructor at any given time of the day.

This app will truly help you reach your piano playing goals in no time. You just have to put in the work, be consistent, and stay committed to accomplishing your goals.

flowkey – Learn Piano


Unlock Your Full Potential

Some users aren’t excited over paying for a subscription, but I feel that these prices are very fair. A one year subscription is about the price of one piano lesson with a real life instructor.

The free version does allow you to get a feel for the app and access some of the content, but the premium version gives you access to everything.

If you truly want to learn the piano and unlock your full potential then the premium version is highly recommended.

This app has undergone some big updates in 2021 with improved course navigation, new songs, a new design, and fixing any and all bugs. 


Pros and Cons


  • A ton of content
  • Easy to follow course
  • For users of all levels of experience
  • High quality tutorials
  • Learn your favorite songs
  • Learn how to play on a real piano or keyboard


  • Some users don’t like to pay for subscriptions

A Piano App for All Types of Users

Flowkey is one of the best piano apps that we at Apppicker have ever had the chance to review. The developers did a great job with this app and we highly recommend that you download it today if you truly want to learn how to play the piano and become a better pianist.

flowkey – Learn Piano

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