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Chordbot Lite app review



Nowadays, writing songs, making music and playing or creating chords isn’t exclusive to a music studio or band’s garage anymore.

Instead, with apps like Chordbot Lite, aspiring musicians and seasoned professionals can create music on the go and whenever inspiration hits them.

Let’s check out the features of this music chords app through our Chordbot app review.

Chordbot Lite


Over 60 Chord Types

One of the main features of this app is the 60+ different chord types which are in all inversions and include classic chords like AugAdd2.

With all of these different chord types, one might think that Chordbot would be too difficult to use. That’s not the case at all. This app is easy to use even if you are a beginner.

You can create and play basic to complex chord progressions very easily and in no time at all.


A Ton of Instrument Tracks

When creating a song, it’s important to have a wide range of instrument tracks and that’s exactly what this app has.

Chordbot features over 400+ instrument tracks that are individually mixable and dynamic. With all of these instrument tracks, users can create unique tracks and songs.

Chordbot Lite


Additional Features to Mention

In addition to the chords and instrument tracks, Chordbot has a ton of extra features that really makes this app stand out from its contemporaries.

You can manually select chord inversions or allow the app to automatically choose the best inversion. Chordbot also features an automatic song generator that is quite the tool for budding songwriters.

There are 70+ comping style presets that are simple to use and meant to help you create music quickly and easily.

Songs can be structured into desired sections like verses, etc. Each section can have its own style or arrangement and can also be repeatable.

Chordbot has top notch export capabilities and Audiobus support. However, these functions require an in-app purchase.

Basically, you can take Chordbot for a test ride and have access to all of its features and functions. If you like the app, feel successful in creating songs, or see the value in this app in one way or the other then paying for the full version makes a lot of sense.

I really like when apps do things this way. We should always have a chance to really see if the app is what we’re looking for by trying it out. In the case of Chordbot, the features more than justify paying five dollars to upgrade to the full version.


Pros and Cons


  • Free to use
  • 60+ chord types
  • 400+ instrument tracks
  • 70+ comping style presets
  • Structure song sections
  • Export and Import options
  • Automatic Song Generator


  • Some users don’t like paying for full version in order to save and export

Chordbot Lite Packs Quite the Punch

This lite version of Chordbot gives users complete access to all of the features found in the full (paid) version. You can create songs quickly and easily while experimenting with all of the tracks, chords and other essential songwriting tools.

If you are a budding musician or an experienced songwriter, Chordbot has something for users of all levels.

Chordbot Lite

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