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Smallpdf - Scan, sign & edit PDF app review 2021



When technology first started allowing us to use our iPhones and iPads to perform business services or tasks for school, it was limited to one or two functions at a time. For example, you could read a PDF or edit one, but you couldn’t perform numerous PDF functions at once on a documents app.

Those limitations no longer exist as we have a PDF iPhone documents app that can do all of that and then some. Smallpdf is an all-in-one PDF tool that performs numerous tasks and does so in a quick, convenient and professional manner.

Let’s dive deeper into the features of this top documents app for iPhone and iPad, so that you can see why we’re making a big deal about it. Keep reading our Smallpdf - Scan, sign & edit PDF app review for more details.

Smallpdf—Scan, sign & edit PDF


View, Read and Compress a PDF

In this review, we’re starting with the most common functions of a PDF app and that’s the ability to view and read PDF files.

The Smallpdf app makes it easy to access PDF files from any device and then view it with absolute clarity through the read mode.

Once you have found the PDF that you want to read or edit, you can also use the powerful compression feature to shrink this file up to 75% of its original size. Smallpdf makes it easy to store PDFs on your smart device or the handy storage service that this app offers.


All Sorts of Editing Functions

In addition to making basic functions more efficient, the developers of Smallpdf really excelled with the wide range of editing functions found in this app.

To start editing, open your PDF file and then tap the Edit PDF tool. Once tapped, the Edit tool will allow you to highlight sections, draw, and add text to any page or file.

You can also delete pages, rotate documents, scan images and add them to PDFs or even scan images and convert them into PDFs.

There’s so much that you can do to spice up your PDF files through this app. We guarantee that once you start using the Smallpdf app, you will never even think about using another PDF app again.

Smallpdf—Scan, sign & edit PDF



Convert a Wide Range of Files

In addition to the impressive array of editing tools, and the ability to scan images and transform them into PDFs, Smallpdf allows users the ability to convert a wide range of files into PDFs. You can also convert PDFs into other files as well, if needed.

Some of the popular formats that you can convert into PDFs are Word, PPT and Excel. This conversion process takes just a few seconds as all you do is choose the PDF converter feature and pick the type of file. It’s so simple, yet so powerful.

You can also convert PDFs to popular documents like Word right from your iDevice. That’s a very convenient function since most people still use Word on their PC or laptop.

Pros and Cons


  • Easy to use
  • All-in-one PDF tool
  • View, Read and Compress Files
  • Easily Convert Popular Formats
  • Wide Range of Editing Tools
  • Merge PDF Files
  • Draw or Sign Documents


  • Some users don’t like in-app purchases


It might be small, but this PDF is big on features and function

This app might be considered “small,” but it packs so many features that it looms over the competition. Furthermore, it’s so easy to use that people with limited understanding of how to edit and convert PDFs have been praising this app. Whatever your PDF need is, this app has you covered.

Smallpdf—Scan, sign & edit PDF

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