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Tunable - Music Practice Tools App Review



Are you ready to take your music-making abilities to the next level? Do you want to give yourself the push you need to be a better and more talented musician?

 If so, the Tunable - Music Practice Tools app could be exactly what you’re missing in your current arsenal of music tools.

Through this app, you'll be able to connect with over one million musicians located around the world, thereby opening your eyes and skills to a new level of talent and success.

Tunable - Music Practice Tools


Plenty of Tools to Explore

With the Tunable app, it's all about the tools. Every single tool has a purpose which means there is nothing unnecessary or redundant here.

Despite all the high-tech tools, the app manages to stay user-friendly and easy to navigate. This makes it especially approachable for newbies to the music scene who may otherwise feel overwhelmed by the tools and the musical jargon used.

Standout tools in the app include such things as the chord and tone generator which provides instruction on how to play/stay in each chord.

It also makes it possible for you to listen to different chords so you can start to train your ear to recognize these subtle differences and how they will affect the sound and feel of the piece.

The pitch history is perfect for singers who sometimes have difficulty finding and then staying in the right pitch. This tool uses a graph with a line and the goal is to keep that line as straight as possible since this represents perfect pitch. Again, it’s a learning and training experience.

And then there is the metronome that makes sure that you stay on tempo without any problems at all. A metronome is one of the key tools for any musician and this app does a great job with it. In fact, many users praise how awesome the metronome is.


Go Ahead and Record Your Sessions

While all of the tools are certainly helpful, sometimes you need more than just real-time help. Because the app makes it possible to record your session you can then go back and critique it as much as you want.

This gives you a chance to improve performances and make those tweaks that you may not otherwise be mindful of.

And why stop there, you can also share those recorded sessions with others so you can get their feedback.

Tunable - Music Practice Tools



Using Tunable with Instruments

The app is a great tool for singers, but those aren't the only musicians that benefit from it. You can also use it with a variety of instruments that include the saxophone, clarinet, flute, Ukulele, guitar, trumpet, tuba and cello just to name a few.

Pros and Cons


  • Use the app when singing or with a variety of instruments
  • Connect with other musicians around the world
  • A massive selection of tools meant to improve your performances
  • Record and share music sessions


  • None


Go From Amateur to Pro with Tunable

The Tunable app is really about giving people the tools and information they need to improve their musical performances and go from amateur to pro status. It’s an incredible resource that helps to take your musical talents to the next level.

Tunable - Music Practice Tools

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