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Flingster app review 2021


What makes an adult chat site stand out from the crowd? Your answer might be different than mine, but I’m pretty sure we’d both agree that Flingster is one of the chat sites that’s worth spending time on. Here’s how my experience went:

Signing up only took a few seconds.

How would you like to sign up for a dating app and meet people in just a few seconds?

You read that right – seconds. Some iPhone dating apps use free signups as an opportunity to make you input all your personal info, but not Flingster. T

he free membership only takes a few clicks before you get matched up with your first chat. The paid membership obviously takes a bit longer to sign up for, but not any longer than you’d expect. 

Keep reading our Flingster app review to see how this compares to the best dating apps for iPhone and iPad.

Flingster: Audio Live Chat


The site was intuitive and easy to use.

I didn’t feel like I had to practice before I got the hang of it; the icons are right there in front of you, and it’s easy to switch between text, voice, and video chat.

Your identity is protected.

One of Flingster’s main talking points is anonymity for every user. Whether you have a free or paid membership, you’ll be able to use flirty virtual masks to obscure your face during video chats. Plus, your name will never be displayed – only your gender and the country you’re chatting from.

Flingster: Audio Live Chat


Who uses Flingster?

Everyone’s welcome on the site, no matter their race, gender, or sexual orientation. Over half of the users are male, and some memberships are used by couples rather than individuals. If a chat wasn’t giving me what I was looking for, I just moved onto the next one. There are thousands of people online at any given moment, so I never ran out of people to chat with!

Each membership level was worth trying out.

Flingster offers both a free membership and a premium membership; obviously the premium version has more features, but you can still have a great experience on the site with a free membership.

I was especially interested in seeing how Flingster handled this, since so many sites will tempt people with a “free” membership that’s barely functional, so they feel obligated to spend money in order to use the site.

In contrast, my adult chat experience on Flingster included all the basic features I would expect, plus a few bonuses.

Recent updates include where music can be played in case of lock screen. Bugs and lags have been addressed. 

The free membership was fun, but it’s pretty clear why you’d pay for the premium membership. For one thing, it really isn’t that pricey. For another, the extra features really enhanced the experience. I was able to refine my search results with filters, translate conversations with people who I didn’t share a language with, and much more.

All things considered, Flingster is a great choice of adult dating site, especially considering that the starting price is $0. I sure enjoyed it, and I bet you will too!

Flingster: Audio Live Chat

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