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ScreenZen app review: take control of your screen time 2021



How many times a day do you get distracted by apps on your phone? Maybe it distracts you during work or school hours, or even during family time at home.

While it's easy to tell yourself you'll spend less time on these apps it can be very difficult to follow through. This is why the ScreenZen app could end up being the best app you download.

The whole premise behind this app is that it creates more awareness by showing you how you spend your time. Of course, it goes much deeper than that and the features and tools can prove to be very helpful. Check out our ScreenZen app review below for more details. 

ScreenZen- Screen Time Control


The Logic Behind the App

As mentioned, ScreenZen is all about creating self-awareness in terms of what apps you are using and how much you use them. It's not about setting a time limit as not everyone responds well to time limits.

A time limit can create such a negative experience that you give up altogether on trying to curb the distractions.

So rather than punishing you with time limits, instead this app rewards you and helps to create self-awareness. It's a unique approach that feels fresh and can appeal to a wide array of people.


Learn to Find Offscreen Activities

Another thing that this app excels at is helping you to be more aware of your offscreen activities and start to find ones that interest you.

Again, it's about creating that self-awareness and finding things you enjoy outside of all those distracting apps. The more hobbies and activities you embrace the less time you'll have available for apps. It’s all about re-focusing and re-directing your energy, time and interest.

Within the app is a convenient tracking tool wherein you can list all those activities and the amount of time you spend on each. You'll be able to see at a glance where you may want to spend more time and energy.

ScreenZen- Screen Time Control



Smart Timers Built to Help

Then there are the smart timers that are meant to help you stay focused and away from the apps you are trying to cut out. Each time you log into an app that you are trying to cut back on it can capture the Apple ScreenTime. 

There are two timers with this app: - 

1) Downtime Timer allows you to set your phone down and will reset if you switch to a different app. You can track your progress for how much time you've set your phone down. There are also fun animal and food trivia questions you can unlock for completing the time

2) Quick-check Timer allows you to intentionally use a distracting app for a time that you choose. It sends a reminder when the time runs out so you aren't cause in an infinite scroll

The app then logs how long you spend on that distraction and then rather than blocking it, positive reinforcement techniques are used.


Pros and Cons


  • Learn to cut back on distracting apps
  • The app uses a positive approach rather than harsh rules and negative responses
  • The app is meant to train your brain and form healthy new habits
  • The smart timer will give you a more customized experience
  • The app feels fresh and different


  • The approach might not work for everyone

It’s Time to Break the Habit

The ScreenZen app is all about breaking bad habits, learning to take control of your time and being more self-aware in general. If you need help in accomplishing this, then the ScreenZen app is perfect for you.

ScreenZen- Screen Time Control

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