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Reel Stakes Poker: Real Money app review



If casino games are your idea of fun and you'd love to be able to enjoy them anytime and anywhere, then the Reel Stakes Poker: Real Money could be an excellent app to check out.

This iPhone poker app aims to deliver all the action and excitement of poker in a live casino, right down to being able to place wagers and win real money. But is it enough to keep gamers engaged?

There’s a good chance the answer for most players will be a resounding “yes”.

Reel Stakes Poker: Real Money


What You Can Expect

When you launch the Reel Stakes Poker app you'll be able to take part in the classic five-card draw poker. It feels familiar and fun, but even if you aren't a poker enthusiast, you'll still be able to play and catch on quickly.

The developers have made sure there is an emphasis on ease of use here that is obvious from the moment you open the app.

Just like in the real game of poker you’ll want to work on your strategy, which means you can expect your gaming to improve the more you play.


Reel Stakes Poker Features a Unique Twist

Now, what makes this one even more engaging and frankly unique is that it combines two elements in one. You've got that classic poker game that you know and love and then there is a slot machine element that is added.

Players also get to choose how exactly they will play - meaning for free or placing a wager. If you place a wager then you've got the opportunity to win real cash.

This makes the game exciting for newbies who would rather keep it safe and play for free, and those more experienced players who want to test their luck and try to win some cash.

The way it works is that you draw your hands and then spin the bonus slot reels. This can then increase your winnings and help you strike it big. There is even a Money Wheel that you can unlock, which is where the real cash comes into play.

Reel Stakes Poker: Real Money



Players Have Plenty of Support

Another standout element in this game is the customer/player support that is offered. If you have any problems at all, or you have some questions, there is an in-game help system that you can access to get answers.

This makes a huge difference where the user experience is concerned, because it ensures everyone has a positive experience.


Pros and Cons


  • The game features the classic five-draw poker
  • There are unique twists to help this game feel different from other poker-style games
  • The Money Wheel gives players a chance to win big
  • There is an in-game help feature so that players aren’t left feeling confused
  • The graphics are sleek and fun


  • Must be at least 21 years old to play for real money

Luck, Skill and Plenty of Fun

If you’re even remotely interested in the game of poker, but you aren’t looking for something too involved and confusing, the Reel Stakes Poker app is most definitely worth a look.

It will satiate even the most die-hard poker players along with helping newbies grow in this great card game. It's a great combination of luck, skill and fun!

Reel Stakes Poker: Real Money

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