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Robot Call Blocker App Review



How many times have you rushed to answer your cellphone only to find it is a spam call?

Whether you get these calls periodically or daily, they can be incredibly annoying. Nobody wants to deal with them. The same goes for unwanted text messages, which can be pretty frequent too.

That’s where the Robot Call Blocker app can come in real handy, giving you control over your phone once again and eliminating all those unwanted calls and text messages.

But how well does this app work and how user-friendly is it?

You may be pleasantly surprised as to how effective this wonderful tool really is.

Robot Call Blocker



Start Block Up to 99% of Calls

Imagine if you could block up to 99% of all those unwanted robocalls on your cellphone, sounds too good to be true right?

Well, that's exactly what Robot Call Blocker is able to achieve. As the developer points out, it's able to "immediately" block more than 700,000 telemarketing, spam and robocalling numbers right from the get-go. That's a fairly significant amount of number and it will make an instant impact.

The whole point is that it recognizes these numbers and blocks them from coming through so you aren’t being bothered by the calls.

Nix Those Spam Text Messages Too

And it's not just the robocalls that you can block, it will also block unwanted text messages. For some people, unwanted text messages may be a bigger issue than phone calls. It doesn’t take long for them to start filling up your phone and annoying you in the process.

Robot Call Blocker



The Effectiveness Grows Over Time

The app is meant to have a noticeable impact within 30 days so you must give it that full period to get the best results.

Should a spam call or message get through, you can go ahead and manually block it. You will be building your library to add to the list of blocked numbers that the app already has.

Recent updates have seen thousands of new spam callers added to the blocked list, bug fixes and performance enhancements. 

Change Your Internet Experience Too

And it doesn't stop at unwanted calls and text messages, the Robot Call Blocker app also transforms your internet browsing experience.

You won't be bombarded with ads and spam while you're trying to browse online. Simply enable the Safari ad blocker and you're all set to enjoy a smoother less frustrating online experience.


Pros and Cons


  • The app starts working immediately by blocking more than 700,000 numbers
  • You can manually add phone numbers as they come in
  • The app blocks unwanted SMS messages
  • Use the app to block spam and ads when using Safari
  • The spam list is being updated every week so it's kept fresh and relevant


  • There are in-app purchases, the download is free and then you can take advantage of a free trial period before making any purchases

Block Spam, Find Peace

If you’re tired of being hassled by spam calls and SMS messages, and you just want to take back control of your phone, then this is exactly the tool you need to block spam and have peace in your daily life.

Robot Call Blocker

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