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Jobs for iOS app review



Jobs for iOS by CareerBuilder, LLC makes sure you always have access to the latest job openings. This app is featured on our list of the Best iPhone and iPad apps for job hunters.

Making sure you apply to jobs when they're first posted and still fresh can really give you the edge. With this app you'll have access to the latest openings in your current location.

CareerBuilder: Job Search


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Not only can you search jobs through the app but you can also apply to them using your cover letter and resume that you have saved on your device. This means no matter where you are, you can quickly and easily send in your information.

Other features include the ability to personalize job recommendations that are ideal for your skills and experience, you can keep track of all the jobs you've applied to, and review job openings by a swipe of the finger.

You'll be able to view job postings plus information about the company such as its culture, products, and history.

In the iPad version of this app you can even see how you stack up next to other candidates who have applied to the job. As you're searching the openings you can save listings to apply later, send jobs to friends by email, and apply to jobs that are similar to one you've just applied to.

Jobs for iOS was updated on Feb. 16, 2013 and currently has 62 customer ratings with an average rating of two and a half out of five stars.

This app can definitely give you insight into what jobs are currently out there right now. It's also convenient that you can apply from within the app. What it lacks is some of the bells and whistles of other job searching apps, with this on taking more of a simple approach.

For: iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad with iOS 6.0 or later

CareerBuilder: Job Search


CareerBuilder: Job Search

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