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Shadow Boxing Workout App Review



Have you always wanted to give boxing a try but don't have the proper gear or have access to a gym?

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The good news is that neither of those issues has to hold you back thanks to the Shadow Boxing Workout App. This app provides you with a way to box at home, even without prior experience, and get a fabulous workout in.

There are plenty of customization features built into the app so you can take your training as far as you want.

Shadow Boxing Workout App


No Gear, No Experience – No Problem

This app is ideal for those with an interest in boxing but either doesn’t have the necessary gear or doesn’t have much experience.

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The app takes you through the training, providing plenty of instruction along the way. There are sessions ideal for beginners, as well as more challenging workouts that will even have experienced boxers working up a sweat.

And as mentioned, there is no need for specific boxing gear, simply download the app and start working out at home. This keeps the app approachable for all.

Now if you do happen to have the basic gear like a jump rope or a boxing bag you can certainly use them in your drills and workouts, it’s just not a requirement for using the app.


Pre-Made Sessions are Easy to Follow Along With

One of the issues people can run into with these workout apps is that the sessions or training gets too confusing. These are all pre-made sessions that are simple, sleek and straight to the point. The Pad Work works by calling out a variety of freestyle and simple combos that you need to follow.

If you prefer, you can use the freestyle mode that provides you with an audio boxing coach meant to inspire your creativity and give you ideas.

Repetitions are a huge part of training, so of course, you'll find them represented in the app. The combos that you will repeat will range in difficulty level and constantly switching up. There are even footwork drills meant to improve your skills.

Shadow Boxing Workout App


Go Ahead and Customize Your Experience

For those who prefer a more individualized approach, be sure to take advantage of the customization features. These make it possible to put together your HIIT training session.

Additional Highlights Worth Noting

The Shadow Boxing Workout app also features many other highlights that are worth pointing out. There is an option to listen to your playlist while you train, a free round timer that doesn't have any ads and you can keep track of your statistics.


Pros and Cons


  • The app features sessions for beginners to pros
  • There is no gear needed
  • Take advantage of customization features
  • Keep track of stats
  • The guided sessions will help walk you through the basics


  • There are in-app purchases

Turn Your Home Into Your Own Boxing Ring

If you’re ready to embrace a new kind of workout and have an interest in boxing, the Shadow Boxing Workout app gives you a way to transform your home into a boxing ring and your body into something you desire.

Shadow Boxing Workout App

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