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Trello for iPad app review



Trello by Fog Creek Software, Inc. is a project management app that ensures you stay organized by allowing you to manage, track, write, and list anything you need.

Owning this app is like having a whiteboard with super powers in your pocket. Whether you are managing people, tracking sales leads, witting a script, or just making a to-do list, this app has you covered. You will always know what needs to be done next, who's going to do it, and how it’s going to get accomplished. The app makes sure everything you do with it is synced and saved instantly to

Trello: organize anything!


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Using their website allows you to stay organized while at home, and keeps the app up to date while you’re out. You can create boards to organize anything you need from thoughts and projects to basically anything you choose. You can work on them by yourself or invite friends and family to work together.

Trello was updated to Version 2.0 on March 12, 2013. It has a total of 275 customer ratings with an average of four out of five stars. Feedback is very positive with users who previously used and enjoyed the web version pleasantly surprised by how well this app was integrated for iPad users.

This project planning app is amazing for keeping you on track and ensuring your thoughts are organized and detailed. This app has so many different uses that anyone can benefit from this incredibly handy app. If life is chaotic and you can benefit from it being simplified, grab your iPad and give this app a try!

For: iPhone, iPod touch, iPad with iOS 5.0 or later

Trello: organize anything!


Trello: organize anything!

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