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Megapolis HD app review


Megapolis HD

Price: Free

Megapolis HD by Social Quantum is a major city builder game for your iPad.

We all grew up on games like Sim City where you build your little town into a giant metropolis. Megapolis gives you that same warm feeling as you create giant cityscapes with airports, railways, and a bustling economy.

To be successful in Megapolis you have to be smart, efficient, and play well with your neighbors. As your city expands you have to rely on trading and commerce with those next door who are also trying to build up their cities and prosper.

With more than 500 different buildings from ancient times to futuristic architecture you can customize your city any way you like. The amazing 3D graphics will stun you as you watch your city grow. You can also complete challenging tasks to earn rewards that will put your city ahead of the competition and earn you achievements.

Megapolis HD also interfaces with Facebook to help connect you to other players and allow you share achievements and resources to ensure the success of both of your cities. Work with friends to build bigger, busier, and more prosperous Megapolis cities.

Megapolis HD was last update to Version 1.3.1141 on March 11, 2013 and included Italian language support, Facebook integration improvements, and performance improvements. There have been 543 ratings for this app with an average score of four out of five stars.

I found this app to be fun and very time consuming, as planning and plotting each building location and all the dynamics required to have a successful city. This app has many hours of economic excitement in store for anyone who downloads it.

For: iPad with iOS 4.3 or later

Megapolis HD: city tycoon sim


Megapolis HD: city tycoon sim


Megapolis HD: city tycoon sim

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