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Bazaart app review



Bazaart by Bazaart Ltd. is an app that allows you to make collages from your Pinterest images.

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Are you a Pinterest fanatic? If you’ve ever wished you could create a collage made up of your favorite boards, now you can. This app has great potential: imagine if you’re trying to find the perfect wedding reception decoration plan, or maybe you’re looking to redecorate your bedroom. All you need to make a collage from your Pinterest boards is this app, your iPad, and some agility in your fingers.

You can add images to your collage, remove the background, scale, reposition, and rotate. When you’ve got your collage done just the way you want it, you can share with friends.

Bazaart Photo Editor & Design


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If you’d rather, you can just browse all of the collages made by other users. It's one of the coolest photo editing apps and collage making apps out there. 

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Features of the app include the ability to easily and quickly make amazing collages from your Pinterest boards; the inspiration you’ll get looking at other people’s collages; the ability to tap those collages made by others to discover new pins; the ability to save all your collages to your Camera Roll; the ability to remix any collage made by any user into something made up of your own boards mixed with theirs; and the ability to share collages with Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, email, and Twitter.

Bazaart was updated to Version 1.5.5 on March 14, 2013. The update made minor bug fixes and improved stability. The current version has six customer ratings with an average of four out of five stars. Feedback comments are all very positive.

I think this is a fantastic app that lets you really get creative when you’re trying to plan out a design, dreaming about your wedding, or whatever you want. It's one of the best photo collage iPhone and iPad apps available. 

For: iPad with iOS 5.0 or later

Bazaart Photo Editor & Design


Bazaart Photo Editor & Design

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