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Songify app review



Price: $2.99

Songify by Khush is an app that transforms the spoken word into songs using your iOS device.

The app has supposedly been downloaded over 12 million times and has helped many people turn their words into songs. Now you can create music, without having to be able to carry a tune!

Even if you do have a nice singing voice, you might get some fun out of this app. You don’t need any special training or instruments; all you need is your iOS device and the ability to speak.

The app will build a melody around what you input and features pitch correction. Inspired by “I’m Not a Witch” and “Double Rainbow,” and it should, because the developer worked with the Gregory Brothers. The app uses AI and speech recognition technology.

There aren’t many editing tools, the app doesn’t pick any particular parts of your “song” for repetition, and you can’t select which random phrases get repeated or even how the song ends. You do get three free styles to choose from when you make your song (one of which is Double Rainbow), unless you buy some more through in-app purchases. Before you buy, you can listen to a short sample, but you can’t record or share.

For the three free styles, you can of course share once you’ve decided you like it, and you can also share any songs made with purchased styles. You can share via Twitter, Facebook, or upload it to the Songify community.

Songify  was updated to Version 2.1.1 on December 15, 2012. The update made iOS 6 compatibility fixes. The new version has 224 customer ratings with an average of four out of five stars. Feedback comments are all extremely negative, with complaints about bugs and the app crashing.

I think the options in this app are fun; if you can get the app to work, then it’s worth the money. Maybe you should wait until an update fixes the bugs before investing your hard-earned money, though.

For: iPhone, iPod touch (2nd through 5th generation, iPad with iOS 4.0 or later

Songify by Smule


Songify by Smule


Songify by Smule

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