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Boingo Wi-Finder for iPad app review


Boingo Wi-Finder

Price: Free

Boingo Wi-Finder by Boingo Wireless, Inc. gives you a quick and convenient way to connect to Boingo Hotspots all over the world.

If you've ever been wandering around trying to find a WiFi signal this iPad app can help you out. You can use this to connect to one of the thousands of Boingo hotspots throughout the globe. They can be located in malls, hotels, stadiums, coffee shops, airports, and even while in-flight. All you need to do is use one tap to locate a hotspot.

Use the app to search for hotspots near you. If a green pin shows up on the map that is a high quality connection. Yellow pins mean a trusted hotspot (a tested free location), while red pins are unverified hotspots that have been submitted by users and are free. Chances are you’ll have a variety of all the pins show up in your area to choose from.

In order to connect you can choose a network SSID from the list and then launch the Wi-Finder app and tap on connect. It's important to note you'll need to create a Boingo account in order to connect at Boingo hotspots. Not to worry your data is always protected thanks to the Boingo Security Virtual Private Network.

Boingo Wi-Finder was updated on Jan. 25, 2013 and currently has 150 customer ratings with an average rating of three out of five stars.

This was a great way to find a WiFi hotspot no matter where you were. While traveling this comes in extremely handy as well as on a day to day basis while you’re just out and about.

For: iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad with iOS 4.3 or later


Boingo Wi-Finder


Boingo Wi-Finder


Boingo Wi-Finder

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