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Delectable Wine app review: discover and share


Delectable Wine

Price: Free

About the App
Delectable Wine by Delectable will help you pick out the perfect wine for any and all occasions. If you’re like so many other people out there and you enjoy a great glass of wine with a meal, dessert, appetizer, or just for a social occasion, then this app was designed with you in mind. This app will allow you to discover, share, and remember incredible wines. Delectable Wine is very easy to use all you need to do is take a picture of the wine bottle and the app takes care of all the details for you.

User Experience

As mentioned you’ll be snapping a picture of the bottle of wine that will then be used against the database of wines found in the app. The app uses photo recognition to ensure accuracy, as well as wine experts. After taking the photo the app is then able to let you know who the winemaker is, what the vintage is, and even the name of the wine. This is about not only sharing and enjoying your wines but also learning about them in the process.

This app is very feature-heavy with plenty of great tools and resources to make use of. Features include being able to add comments and ratings on wines, add notes to the wine such as where you had it and with who, the ability to discover wine by following tastemakers/sommeliers/friends/winemakers, and you can even create your very own wine journal. By allowing you to make all these notes and comments it will take you back to that moment when you sipped the wine and can bring back the thoughts and feelings it inspired.

There is also a wine community you can join where you can chat with professionals, friends, and family about different wines and experiences.

Update Info
Delectable Wine was updated to Version 2.9.5 on May 15, 2013. Updates made like the ability to see wines your friends have been tagged in, a brand new profile view so you can check out what your friends are enjoying, and there were enhancements made to the overall stability of the app.

Customer Ratings and Feedback Comments
This app currently has 17 customer ratings with an average rating of four and a half out of five stars. Users were quite impressed with the features, the ease of use, and really liked being able to access their own personal wine list.

Personal Comments by Reviewer
Wine always feels like such a social drink and I like that this app was able to take that feeling and translate it to a very fun and lively occasion. I liked that there was a community to join and learn more about different wines and take your knowledge to that next level. This was also a great way to discover new wines.

• Easy to use
• The ability to add notes, comments, and details to wines you’ve tried
• The ability to follow friends and family members to see what they have enjoyed lately
• The ability to take part in a community and discuss and share wine information
• Excellent wine recognition capabilities overall
• Great to use when shopping at the wine store to help you remember the ones you’re looking for

• The community could be more interactive and perhaps give visitors more features

For: iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad with iOS 5.0 or later. Delectable Wine is optimized for iPhone 5.

Delectable - Scan & Rate Wine


Delectable - Scan & Rate Wine


Delectable - Scan & Rate Wine

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