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VIP Black app review: exclusively for the very rich-2021


VIP Black by iVIP Ltd

VIP Black app is for the very rich. It's a VIP app with many features like VIP 'Anything Anywhere' and VIP Apartments, more VIP Treatment including private jets, limousines, bespoke tailoring, and exclusive villas, on-demand Concierge Service, new geo-alerts and you can even find where you can get VIP Treatment nearby by direct contact or gb whatsapp download.

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This concierge app is available in English only. If you have the money, and want to live like a baller then check out this VIP app. 

iVIP Black


VIP Black

You have to have at least £1 million to your name in order to qualify to use this app. If you don’t, well, you can buy the app, but why would you want to? All purchasers of the app are vetted and must be approved before being let into the VIP Black community.

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Members will get high-quality, VIP treatment across a group of partner venues.

Users will obtain membership and have access to the top-quality services in the world at partners like Virgin Limited Edition, Gordon Ramsay Restaurants, Firmdale Hotels, and more. You’ll have access to the best butlers, theaters, casinos, a concierge, private jets, personal trainers, and more.

You must be able to prove you are a High Net Worth Individual. After you are approved, you will be able to undertake a personal consultation to find out how iVIP Ltd can help you with your VIP lifestyle.

You’ll get surprise gifts, exclusive rates, complimentary room upgrades, priority access, and more, when you use partners listed in the app.

Features of the App

People who buy the app will have access to a concierge directly through the app, invitations to exclusive VIP evenings, a limited edition iPhone, complimentary amenities, priority booking at certain restaurants,  and unique VIP privilege rates.

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You will also have access to book private jets, yachts, private islands, and more, straight through the app. These services come at additional cost but you would not have access to them otherwise.

The app does not list in-app purchases but it does state that bespoke software, personalization, or project plans will be extra. The app’s cost of $999.99 gives you a one-year membership. You can purchase a bespoke development, which will give you lifetime membership.

iVIP Black


Pros and Cons


  • Exclusive offers for VIP members
  • Access to customized iPhones


  • Hugely expensive
  • The cost only covers a one-year membership
  • Only good for millionaires

Final Thoughts

Obviously I didn’t personally review the app as I’d have a hard time proving my net worth exceeds the minimum requirement, but from what I could read about it from the iTunes description page and elsewhere, it’s definitely worth the $999.99 you’ll drop to purchase it.

Of course, if you’re a gazillionaire you probably won’t flinch at the $1000 price tag, but you didn’t get rich wasting your money, now did you?

It sounds like the app really gives access to some great services – I mean, who wouldn’t love to have access to the best cars, private helicopters, and VIP lounges, so if you do have that much cahola, and are looking for something totally exclusive, then you should check it out.

Personally I’d like to check out their exclusive iPhones  - I hear you can get them in platinum, gold, or diamond customization options. 

I find it worth mentioning an incident with another VIP application named “I am rich” that had a same price of $999.99 but had no single service to provide, being completely useless, so AppStore removed it, leaving vip black app truly number one the most expensive app, first and only.

iVIP Black

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