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5K Runner: 0 to 5K Trainer. Run 5K app review - go from the couch to a race


5K Runner: 0 to 5K Trainer. Run 5K


Price: $2.99

5K Runner: 0 to 5K Trainer. Run 5K by Clear Sky Apps LTD uses a walk – run – walk interval template to train and condition your body from a completely sedentary state to being able to run a 5K. It was updated to version 4.1 in late-May of 2013.

Audio coaching will tell you when to walk and when to run, and the app is designed to gradually ease you into the routine so that your results will be realistic and consistent.


User Experience

The layout and user interface for this app look great and make it extremely easy to use. Even if you are a beginner, you will be able to start up 5K Runner: 0 to 5K Trainer. Run 5K and get going within just a few minutes.

The built-in music and audio coach really help to keep motivation high, and being able to win badges and share them online via social networking sites makes this app even more of a winner.


Using this app to build up to a 5K run takes just 35 minutes, three times a week for eight weeks.

5K Runner: 0 to 5K run training is compatible with other GPS apps, and apps such as Nike+, MapMyRun, RunKeeper, and many more, so you can continue to use these additionally if you wish. When you play music through the in-app player, the audio coach is gently blended in with prompts so you know when to walk and run, and how to gradually increase your running pace.

This app is specifically designed to get beginners moving so if you have never run in your life, this is definitely the app for you. You can use this app for running outdoors or on a treadmill, and there is loads of additional content including warm-up and stretching videos, male and female audio coaches, and multitasking so you can continue to leave the app running in the background.


Update Info

5K Runner: 0 to 5K Trainer. Run 5K is currently running on version 4.1. The latest update included the addition of an in-app player for the Apple music app, playlist selection control, and the ability to pause and resume coach voices. The update also included some improvements and additions to the help screens, as well as various other additions and minor bug fixes.


Customer Ratings and Feedback Comments

5K Runner: 0 to 5K Trainer. Run 5K currently has 55 customer ratings with an average rating of five out of five stars. Customer feedback has generally been very positive with users commenting that the intervals used are very suitable for conditioning the body for a 5K run. Just having the app itself seems to be a great motivator in getting people off the couch and running.


Personal Comments by Reviewer
This app has received some shining reviews, and rightfully so. All of the features are incredibly easy to access and use, and even if you are a beginner, you can be up and running almost immediately.
This is the perfect app for someone looking to start running and is well worth the money.



  • Perfectly designed for beginners
  • Realistic progression to ease people into running
  • Gorgeous user-interface and easy navigation
  • Integration with music player and social networking sites



  • Does not really cater for intermediate or advanced runners


For: iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad with iOS 5.0 or later. 5K Runner: 0 to 5K Trainer. Run 5K is optimized for iPhone 5.

5K Runner: 0 to 5K Trainer. Run 5K app review

5K Runner: 0 to 5K Run Trainer. Couch potato to 5K



5K Runner: 0 to 5K Run Trainer. Couch potato to 5K


5K Runner: 0 to 5K Run Trainer. Couch potato to 5K

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