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Squaregram app review: creating perfect Instagram pictures



Price: Free

Squaregram by Audacity Software Pte. Ltd. resizes your pictures without cropping the original, making it perfect for Instagram. There is couple of different resizing options with this app all of which results in the perfect sized photo that doesn't cut any of the details out of the image. There are even editing features available so you can customize the photo.

This app was released on Apr. 19, 2013.


User Experience
The app puts a lot of focus on ease of use when it comes to the features available. The app is supposed to allow you to perform such editing tasks as resizing, moving, zooming in, rotating, and more all very easily and very quickly. Unfortunately many of the tools end up crashing the app, making it very difficult to complete even a simple editing feature.


The app offers a lot of features that are all designed to allow you to create the perfect looking picture to post on Instagram. You're given three different ways to size your photo, as well you can use features like rounded corners, shadowing, adjusting the brightness, and adding effects. Label your photos with whatever text you like. The font size and color can be edited.

Place your photo on a background that you can also edit by choosing the color and the gradient. When creating your background color you can use the color palette to pick a pre-made option. If you'd rather you can get creative with the color gradient editor and make your own customized blend.

After perfecting your image you can export it to Instagram or you can instead share it with your contacts through social networks.


In-App Purchases
There are a couple of in-app purchases available which are the adjustable gradient for $0.99 and the unlimited labels feature for $0.99.


Customer Ratings and Feedback Comments
There are currently 15 customer ratings with an average rating of two out of five stars. Customers seemed to be in agreement that this app is very unstable, often crashing when you launch/open it.


Personal Comments by Reviewer
When reading the description about the app it makes it sound incredibly useful, quick, and convenient. However, when you use the app you’ll find it crashes quite often which defeats its entire purpose. When you are able to use it the features are definitely fun and it’s great that you can turn your photos into square images without having to crop and lose details of the original photo. I also liked that you could then export your image or share it with your friends and family through social networks.

The user interface has a pleasing look to it. It's basic but that makes it simple and quick to navigate. The features are pretty self-explanatory as well so you won't have any problems figuring it out.



  • Gives you three different ways to format your photos for Instagram
  • There is no need to crop the images if you don’t want to
  • There are editing features for your picture such as rotating, moving, and adjustable contrast and brightness
  • You can place labels on your photo that are customizable
  • Share it to Instagram or your social networks



  • In order to access all features you’ll need to make in-app purchases
  • The app often crashes when opening/launching
  • The features and user interface are both very basic


For: iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad with iOS 4.3 or later. Squaregram is optimized for iPhone 5.

Squaregram - Layouter for Instagram


Squaregram - Layouter for Instagram


Squaregram - Layouter for Instagram

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