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MyStoryTime for iPad app review: a truly immersive novel



Price: $1.99

MyStoryTime by Austin Archibald takes your child into a book by having him or her become the main character.

This is an immersive app in the full sense of the term. Your child will in fact become the hero or heroine in this novel that takes place in a magical land. How fun for your child to read a book in which she's the star! The book is ideal for kids ages four and up.

Features of this app include the ability to take a picture of up to two children's faces and then place them in the story. There are interactive features throughout the book and there is push-button narration. This book gives kids unlimited adventures, which means this book will keep them busy for quite awhile.

Each page contains text that is easy for children to read or if they would rather than can simply press a button and it will be narrated to them. When taking the photos of your child to fit in the story you'll be using a template to make the process easy and quick.

MyStoryTime was released on May 31, 2013 and currently has nine customer ratings with an average rating of four and a half out of five stars.

By inserting your child’s name and face into the story you suddenly take this from a generic run of the mill book to something that is personal and fun for the child.


  • Your child’s name and face will be inserted in the story
  • The storyline is fun and engaging
  • There are interactive features on every page
  • Children can read the book or opt for voice over narration


  • You can only place two children’s names and photos in the story

For: iPad with iOS 6.0 or later

MyStoryTime - Personalized Story Books for Kids


MyStoryTime - Personalized Story Books for Kids


MyStoryTime - Personalized Story Books for Kids

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