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mySugr app review: manage your diabetes easily 2021


mySugr, Diabetes Manager by mySugr is an app that will help you manage your diabetes.


mySugr, Diabetes Manager by mySugr is a diabetes food tracker app that will help you manage your diabetes. This app for diabetes presents tracking your daily life in a creative and motivating way. 

For more details on this good app for diabetics, check out our mySuger app review for more details. 

mySugr - Diabetes Tracker Log


User Experience

This app is designed to make your day-to-day life with diabetes easier to manage. It will allow you to document your daily life, gives feedback, and helps you to stay motivated to stay on track. You’ll earn points and will go up against the diabetes monster.

You’ll be able to set challenges for all of your individual goals and easily access your data when you need it. mySugr is a U.S. version only at this point. Canadian users cannot download it.

The app is simple to use, quick to input data, and it’s easy to set up. All you have to do is choose your type of insulin therapy, (no insulin, pump, or pens/syringes), your target range, and your thresholds for hyperglycemia and hypoglycemia. You’ll also enter your daily carbs target.

To enter data, just tap the big “+” button in the right-hand corner and you’ll see a screen pop up where you can enter all the information you want. You can add tags based on your activity level, food intake, and even how you’re feeling.

After data has been entered, the main screen shows your overall info, including carbs taken in, a seven-day blood glucose average, and more.

The Analysis screen shows you even more in-depth info when you want it. 

User Experience image


Features of mySugr include smart search, challenges to keep you motivated, convenient data analysis, easy and quick logging, secure data backup, fast multi-device sync, informative PDF reports, convenient data analysis, and the fun photo function that lets you take pictures of your meals.

It has a certain level of cuteness, if you like that sort of thing: you can name your monster, and you’ll “tame” it according to how you log your information.

There are some downsides, or things they could improve upon: there are no pop-up reminders; the FAQ isn’t very robust; and you can’t add more tags or move them around in the list.

Features image

mySugr - Diabetes Tracker Log


In-App Purchases

You can buy a one-month subscription for $2.99 or a one-year subscription for $21.99.

Update Info

mySugr, Diabetes Manager is running on Version 2.0.1. 

Customer Ratings and Feedback Comments

The app has a total of 24 customer ratings with an average of 4.5 out of five stars. Feedback comments are all positive. Users say mySugr is “very polished” and just what they were looking for.

Customer Ratings and Feedback Comments image

Personal Comments by Reviewer

I think this is a great app and I’m glad the company is running trials in the United States. Hopefully it becomes available in more countries, like Canada. I think it has the potential to really help people, particularly young adults, manage their disease. The app is really easy to use and I think it would add to anyone’s diabetes management plan.

Personal Comments by Reviewer image

Pros and Cons


  • PDF reports
  • Easy to enter the data
  • Motivating and encouraging
  • Secure
  • You can sync all your devices


  • Not available to Canadians yet
  • Kind of expensive so people on lower incomes wouldn’t be able to afford it
  • The FAQ section could use more work

mySugr - Diabetes Tracker Log

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