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LiveSketch HD app review: create amazing drawings on your iPad


LiveSketch HD by Yan Rabovik is an app that will allow you to draw some pretty interesting sketches with your iPad. 


LiveSketch HD by Yan Rabovik is an app that will allow you to draw some pretty interesting sketches with your iPad. It was updated on July 1, 2012 and requires only 3.2MB of storage space.

LiveSketch HD


User Experience

First off, you’ll have to learn the few basics of the app. You can change the color of your pencil with the color box at the top of the screen, just to the left of the “Export” button. There are tons of colors you can use. Along the top is also the Sketch/Erase options, undo, your choice of background colors and paper types, discard, and the Export button, as mentioned. This button allows you to save your sketch or send it by email.

To draw a thick line, go slowly. To draw a thin line, go quickly.

If you want to hide or show the toolbar, tap the screen. 

Screenshot 1
Screenshot 1


Features of the app include a ton of pencil color options and background colors and textures. Aside from that, there aren’t many other features.

The app is easy to use and is quite a bit of fun. The added texture you get (built into the app) when you draw adds visual interest but might annoy some sketchers.

LiveSketch HD


In-App Purchases


There are no in-app purchases.

Update Info

Version 1.7 update added full Retina support for the new iPad.

Screenshot 2
Screenshot 2

Customer Ratings and Feedback Comments

The current version has 22 customer ratings with an average of 3.5 out of five stars. Feedback comments are positive.

Personal Comments by Reviewer

I think this is a decent enough sketching app. I wish you could change the thickness of the line manually, but other than that I have no complaints. It might be nice to be able to share directly to Facebook, as well.

Screenshot 3
Screenshot 3

Pros and Cons


  • Lots of colors from which to choose, for both pencil and background
  • Easy to use
  • Intuitive interface
  • Simple



  • Can’t post directly to Facebook
  • No way to adjust pencil thickness manually

For: iPad with iOS 3.2 or later.

LiveSketch HD

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