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Shutterfly Share Sites app review: access and share your photos-2020



The Shutterfly Share Sites app is a photo sharing app that makes it easy to share photos with the family or print them out to display in your home. This app for sharing photos is a fun way to express yourself even further with your photos. 

You can access your information whenever you like and from wherever you like to make updates and changes to your photos You can even send notices to members. It gives you a way to stay connected with your friends, teammates, family, and classmates.  See our best photo sharing apps list for comparable options. 

Shutterfly Share Sites


User Experience

For those unfamiliar with the Shutterfly Share Sites, it is a photo-sharing website that lets you privately share photos with whomever you choose. The websites are easy to use and free. With this app you now will have access to the information while on the go.

As soon as you launch the app you’ll need to enter in your Shutterfly Share Sites information in order for the app to sync your information. After this is done you’re ready to start managing and sharing photos.

While you're busy making updates, the app and website stay in sync.

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Features of this app include being able to take and share your photos as well as view photos other people have posted. There is a news section that will show you the latest activity on your site, you have the ability to manage your site calendar, you can get directions to an event, and you can view all your key contact information.

Manage your Share site member list and you can add new members from the app. Additionally you can view a snack schedule for the season, checkout the sign-up sheets, view the class list/roster, and even see the how many players will be available for your next game. If you're looking for scoreboard information, this app will help you out too.

You can get alerts about calendar updates and photos posted, too.

The latest updates of shutterfly share sites app introduced such additional features as sending group e-mails and SMS text messages to your Share site members (Note: phone service provider may limit the number of contacts when sending text messages), message board for easy communication and open discussions with other users from your group.

Such a tool combined with push notifications expands Shutterfly’s versatility. Also one of the most significant improvements includes the ability to not only share photos with the family and friends, but also videos. 

Features image

Shutterfly Share Sites


In-App Purchases

There are no in-app purchases.

Update Info

Version 1.1 features the ability to see your email address when you log in, support for additional marquee picture layouts, bug fixes, and access to the sign-up sheets.

Customer Ratings and Feedback Comments

The current version of the app has 2.9k customer ratings with an average rating of 3.5 out of five stars. Customers seem to have mixed reviews on the app. While they like the features it offers, it’s also lacking in areas and there are still issues with bugs here and there.

Customer Ratings and Feedback Comments image

Personal Comments by Reviewer

Just as the users stated, I did find the features in this app to be easy and convenient to use. I liked that you could view so much information even on the go and that whatever updates you made were synced to the website. However, as the users also suggested, it does feel lacking in some areas. You just find yourself looking for and wanting more tools and functions.

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Pros and Cons


  • Gives you a way to view and access your Shutterfly Share Sites information on your mobile device
  • View your calendar while on the go
  • Receive alerts about photos posted and calendar updates


  • Feels lacking in some areas such as the tools available to you and what you can access and use while on the go

For: iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad with iOS 5.0 or later. Shutterfly Share Sites is optimized for iPhone 5

Shutterfly Share Sites

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