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Digipill app review: a virtual pill to cure various issues-2020



Digipill by YUZA is a health and fitness app that can help you with a number of issues. If you're looking to lose weight, get rid of stress, build your self-confidence, sleep better, or even feel more motivated in life, you can take a "digipill" to help you reach your goal.  

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Digipill uses a unique combination of psychoacoustics and NLP to help you to unlock your subconscious in order to change your mood, perception, or even your behaviour. This motivation pills app puts a unique spin on building confidence or other changes in life that requires mental effort. 

From confidence pills to motivation pills, this digipill review will explain all of that and more. Take your confidence medicine with digipill and change your life today. 

Digipill: Guided Meditation


User Experience

When launching the app you'll instantly notice the smooth-looking user interface that has a calming effect right from the start. The menus are well laid-out and you can search for a digipill by your particular issue. Click on an issue and you'll find a relaxation package that is designed to combat that problem. Once you select the digipill you’re interested in, it will be available as an in-app purchase, which ranges in price.

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This app comes pre-loaded with a number of great digipills to address all kinds of concerns. The Relaxation Pill is available for free and is a 20 minute session that will help you achieve relaxation.

The Pill Store features all the other offerings, with a pretty impressive selection at this moment. There are plans to add more digipills in future updates. Just make sure when you're ready to begin your session you have headphones nearby so you can sit back and just soak up the sounds.

Digipills experiences are as short as 10 minutes and go up from there. During the experience you will just be listening as the audio guides you through. It is obviously recommended you not use digipills while driving as it can often put you in a hypnotic-like state from relaxation.

You can share your activity on Facebook with friends and family so they can learn all about digipills as well.

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Digipill: Guided Meditation


In-App Purchases

There are a number of in-app purchases which are all the different digipill experiences/themes. These range in price from $0.99 to $6.00.

Update Info

Version 2.2.2 made a number of enhancements and improvements including another 3 new pills will be added to the pill store adding a button so you can recommend confidence pills app to your friends and family on Facebook, the sound at the end of the pills was removed, and performance and stability issues were enhanced.

Customer Ratings and Feedback Comments

This app currently has 932 customer ratings with an average rating of four and half out of five stars. In lots of digipill reviews users are very happy with the selection of digipills and just how easy they are to use.There is also the fact that results are actually real.

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Personal Comments by Reviewer

I found the app to be well laid-out with a simple and sleek-looking user interface. I liked the variety of digipills offered, spanning across all kinds of common issues people suffer from. I did find the pricing for the digipills to be a bit high considering if you were to purchase a few you’d likely be well over $10.

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Pros and Cons


  • Offers a digipill for all kinds of common issues/concerns
  • Easy to use
  • Experiences are as short as 10 minutes and increase from there


  • Only one experience is offered for free
  • Digipills add up quick if you buy a couple

Digipill: Guided Meditation

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