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Dreamdays app review: countdown to those special events in your life



If you’ve ever had a special event to look forward to, then you can probably appreciate the Dreamdays app by Yao Liu. It lets you share your events on social media outlets, too: so share the excitement! This is a nice, basic app with simple features, which some people might find lacking.

Dreamdays Lite: Count Down to the Days that Matter


Start the Countdown

From the iTunes description page and the user feedback comments, I kind of expected more out of this app. There appear to be a lot of features, but some of the ones listed don’t appear to be actually present in the app, unless I’m totally missing something.

People who like streamlined, simplistic designs will love this app, probably: you have a main page, with the option to set whichever event you like as the cover. Any events added after that will get a smaller space, with no picture. You can choose the photo you want for your cover background image, but it has to come from your Camera Roll or a new photo. If you choose not to upload an image a random default image will be assigned.


Other than selecting the category and name of the event, the date, time, if it will repeat, and if you want it as the cover event, you can choose your background and add a voice memo. That’s it. Oh, and you can delete it from this screen as well, if you like.

If you choose an event in the past, or if you leave your event there once the date has passed, the countdown will become a “count up” and count the days since it went by. This is a good idea for people who like to keep track of how long they’ve been dating that special someone.

There are supposed to be a bunch of features with Dreamdays, like passcode protection (can’t find it), and push notifications (didn’t ask me permission so I can’t see how that would work). If these features are there but I’m just not seeing them, well, that’s a huge problem with the user interface.

Features that are present and work just fine are the customizable backgrounds for each of your events (although you can’t see the background for secondary events unless you tap on them), share options to Facebook and Twitter, and voice memos for each event. The voice memo feature sets this app apart from other countdown timers I’ve used.

This app is normally priced at $1.99, but it’s been made free for a time and ads were added. These are banners that don’t really take away anything from the experience.

Dreamdays Lite: Count Down to the Days that Matter


Pros and Cons


  • Simple and easy to use
  • Offers voice memo functionality unlike most countdown apps
  • Free for a limited time



  • Can’t choose a default image for the cover event
  • Can’t figure out how to password protect the app

Final Words

This is a stylish and simple app that I’m sure most people will love. It has a lot of features, it’s easy to use and set up, and is mostly user-friendly, aside from some of the features that I just can’t find. I wish that there was a list of optional background images you could choose from rather than having one randomly assigned or selecting one from your Camera Roll. Not everyone has suitable images to use for this type of thing, myself included. I tend to have a lot of app screenshots and photos of food on my Camera Roll, which isn’t exactly suitable to use for “Baby’s Due Date.”

Overall, I'd use this if it were free but I wouldn't pay two bucks for it.

Dreamdays Lite: Count Down to the Days that Matter

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