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Keeper® Password Manager & Digital Vault app review: securely store your passwords and login details



This is pretty much the only password manager app you’re ever going to need for managing all of your passwords, login details, and personal information in one convenient, and more importantly, secure place, with the added benefit of being able to sync your information across all of your computers, tablets, and mobile devices.

Keeper® Password Manager & Digital Vault definitely does not disappoint; 256-bit AES encryption coupled with the built-in password generator means you’ll be able to secure your data with strong passwords without ever having to worry about forgetting them like one clumsy reviewer always tends to do – I’m not mentioning any names!

Keeper® Password Manager & Secure Digital Vault


Under Lock and Key

I don’t personally have a lot of passwords to remember but that doesn’t stop me from constantly having to reset them; all it takes is for me to log in to a site like Facebook from a friend’s computer or iPhone and suddenly my memory is completely blank and I have to get my password sent to me for the umpteenth time!

So as you can imagine, I’m very glad I found this app because now I can keep all my passwords securely in a single place, and I especially love the way Keeper has a password generator. The character combinations the generator comes up with seem to be quite random and will definitely make for some tough-to-crack passwords.

Under Lock and Key image

Keeper lets you synchronize data between your computer and devices and will auto-fill and remember any new passwords you set up, so you can go about your business without having to scribble login details on pieces of paper that will get lost five minutes later.

Another feature I really like, and this is one that was only just added in the latest update, is one which enables you to share encrypted login details with other Keeper users; this is ideal for sharing family logins for things like Internet banking or Wi-Fi passwords, and could even be used in a professional context like an office setting.


Keeper® Password Manager & Secure Digital Vault


Pros and Cons


  • Store your passwords and private information in one secure place
  • 256-bit AES encryption for enhanced security
  • In-app password generator creates very strong passwords
  • Share encrypted data with other Keeper users such as family or business colleagues
  • One of the best password manager apps for iPhone and iPad


  • There is nothing negative to say about this app

Pros and Cons image

If the Key Fits...

I wanted to make this review as neutral and unbiased as possible so I was trying to think of areas where Keeper falls short in order to give a well-rounded report, but apparently I can’t think of anything bad to say!

I am genuinely impressed with this app because I’ve used similar password generation and encryption apps before and they never really inspired much confidence in me; Keeper, on the other hand, is nothing short of fantastic.

Every feature on here is airtight, exactly as you would expect from an app based around security, and being able to sync data between your devices makes life so much easier when you have two-dozen websites and services to remember logins for but don’t want scraps of paper lying around.

Keeper® Password Manager & Secure Digital Vault

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