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ARGUS app review: personal food diary, heart rate and sleep monitors 2021



This is an incredibly ambitious meal planning app for iPhone which is designed to act as your all-in-one fitness tracker, enabling you to track your food intake, activity level, heart rate, and even things like the amount of sleep you’re getting and your level of hydration.

Taking a quick glance at what this meal planner app has to offer, I was very skeptical as to the accuracy and reliability of the various features, but lo and behold, ARGUS has yet to disappoint me; could this be the last fitness app you’ll ever need?

Check out our ARGUS app review for more details. After you are done reading our review, let us know if you think this is one of the best meal planning apps for iPhone.

Argus: Calorie Counter & Step


Jack of all Trades?

This app really does have a ton of functionality, including a daily step counter and activity tracking feature so you can get an objective view of just how physically active you are versus how active you think you are.

Just this one feature alone was very humbling for me because I had myself down as a busy and very physically active person but it turns out that most of my exercise includes either finger workouts at the keyboard or jaw workouts chatting with friends!

Beyond this, you can create your own food diary to log your own customized meals and set a caloric intake that is appropriate to your activity on any given day.

You can also use these tools to set yourself daily goals for things like how much sleep you want to get, how much water you want to drink, and even how many steps you’d like to take.

Jack of all Trades? image

All of the activities you log in ARGUS are saved in handy reports so you can look back and see trends over time; this is a great way of seeing how different things like family and work demands affect your motivation to exercise so you can spot bad habits and do away with them more easily.

For me personally, the user-interface is where ARGUS really comes into a league of its own; all of the data is presented in a colorful format with very easily-digestible data and a convenient at-a-glance view of your progress.

I find this a lot more appealing than some plain text layout with lifeless charts and graphs, the developer has done a great job with the presentation for sure.


Argus: Calorie Counter & Step


Pros and Cons


  • Track numerous fitness markers such as your activity level, hydration, sleep, and food intake
  • Access reports of your inputted data to spot trends in your activity over time
  • Set yourself goals such as achieving a certain number of steps in a day or a certain amount of sleep at night
  • Gorgeous user-interface with very well-presented data


  • It would be good to see greater integration with social networking sites

Pros and Cons image

Final Words

Very nicely done, Azumio!

This is definitely one of the better fitness apps I’ve seen; while it might not provide such extensive analytics as some apps which are tailored to more advanced or specialized athletes, ARGUS provides more than enough functionality for the vast majority of people who are interested in improving their health and fitness in a fun and approachable way.

All of the measurements and data this app provides would be almost worthless without a solid presentation to back it up, and ARGUS definitely achieves this; the honeycomb design of the interface is right on the mark and makes it a real pleasure to use the app as well as providing a great utility too.

Argus: Calorie Counter & Step

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