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LIVESTRONG.COM - Calorie Tracker Lite app review: keep track of your diet and fitness 2021



LIVESTRONG.COM calory app for iPhone by Demand Media, Inc. is a free app that will help you keep track of your diet and fitness.

You can use the app for tracking calory intake to stay on track when it comes to dieting and getting healthier. Some users say that this is a good calary tracker app for iPhone. Let's see if that's true as we dive deeper in our LiveStrong app review. 

MyPlate Calorie Counter


What You Get

First off, when you launch the app, you’re immediately asked if you want to upgrade to the full version. How about I get a chance to actually try the app before I’m pushed to upgrade? That’s irritating.

Second, when you have to put in your personal information, it’s extremely annoying that the wheel to select height is really inaccurate. I set it to 165 cm and it kept saving as 162 cm.

So I had to set it to 166 cm for it to save as 165 cm. After that bug everything entered fine: gender, weight, and weight goals all got entered without a hitch. The app then figured out my calorie goals per day.

Along the bottom of the screen you see MyPlate, Diary, Progress, Community, and More. Different users will use different combinations of the different tabs according to what they want out of the app. Personally, I’d use the MyPlate portion to track my foods, exercise, and water. 

What You Get image

How It Works

It’s really easy to enter in foods you eat. Just tap on the meal you want to edit, and you have the option to enter the calories manually (which is nice) or you can search the database for what you ate. The app will tell you how many calories you’ve consumed so far and how many you have left to eat today.

Entering exercise is just as easy as tracking your foods. You can enter the calories burned (if you know), or you can search the exercise database, which seems very biased towards cardio exercise.

For example, I entered in “back squat” and there were no matches found. Too bad there’s no way to scroll through a list of exercises to choose one that is the most accurate.

This is definitely not a weight training tracking app. I wish it offered that function as well. Other things I wish it did: use the camera to scan barcodes like other food tracking apps, offer the ability to enter foods for days other than today, and sync between devices.

How It Works image

MyPlate Calorie Counter


Pros and Cons


  • Really easy to track your foods and cardio
  • The app makes it easy to stay on course for weight loss or fitness goals
  • Large database of foods


  • The height selection wheel doesn’t work properly
  • The app doesn’t track weight lifting activities, offer a barcode scanner function, sync between devices, or allow you to enter foods for days other than today

Pros and Cons image

Final Verdict

I’m kind of torn about this app. What it does do (besides enter your height properly) is great, easy to use, and intuitive. What it doesn’t do, though, is what kills it for me.

I’ve used a lot of different fitness trackers in my quest to find one that does everything for me that I need it to do, and every one of the halfway decent ones offer barcode scanning.

If you want a passable free food and exercise tracker, don’t want to journal your weight lifting in the same app, and don’t need a barcode scanner, than try this app. Otherwise, it’s probably not worth your time. 

MyPlate Calorie Counter

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