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ComicFlow app review: read your comics on iOS! 2021



ComicFlow comics app for iPhone, by Pierre Olivier Latour, is an iPhone comic reader app designed to let you read your comics on your iPad.

It’s hard to find a good comic reader app for iPhone and iPad that supports .CBR files and also allows for easy reading. This app also supports .CBZ and .PDF files. So, look no further because ComicFlow is the free solution for your iOS comic reading problems. It's certainly a good comics app for iPhone.



Adding your comics to your device

Creating a library of comics on your device is very easy. All you need is a computer, an internet connection and your device. You will receive a link from the app where you will upload your comic book files and when you’ve done that, you just update your library on your device and the comics will appear!

The free app only supports up to 50 files to be transferred, but for $3.99 you can buy the unlimited web server that allows you to upload as many files as you want. The filtering options are especially handy when you have a lot of files in your library. The app supports over 1500 comics without crashing.

Adding your comics to your device image

Reading a comic

Reading a comic is as easy as reading a physical one. Flick left or right to turn pages and pinch to zoom in or out to navigate through a comic. When you stop reading halfway, a bookmark will automatically be placed so you will always pick up where you left off.

The app does not require to pre-process the files, so as soon as you click on a comic, you will be reading it. You can even read comics while importing new ones. The app is Open Source, and you can tinker with it yourself if you’re in to that.

Reading a comic image



Pros and Cons


  • Easy to use
  • Quick to organise
  • No pre-processing
  • Open Source


  • Only 50 comics to import for free

Pros and Cons image

Comic book hero

ComicFlow does exactly what it claims to do. It’s a perfect solution for someone who wants to keep their digital collection of comics organized and carry them on the go and at all times.

Importing is made really easy and is well explained. Reading a comic is done with ease and is very intuitive. The app is optimized only for the iPad and is about 36 MB (excluding comics). This is my hero of choice when it comes to comic book apps!


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