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Flipboard Personal Finance app review: stay on top of your spending 2021


Introduction Personal Finance is a budgeting app that will make sure you always know the state of your finances.

This spending tracker app is a more basic service than that of the web app, but will give you what you need. 

Continue reading our Mint Personal Finance app review to learn more about this good app for managing finances. 

Mint: Personal Finance & Money


What It's All About

If you never know how much money you have in your bank account, need to know how much you have available to pay for dinner, or just want to stay on track of your finances, then this is the spending tracker app for you.

It basically gives you a quick look at the state of your finances. It’s not a features-laden budegting app like some, nor is it as fully-featured as its web app cousin. What it does do, however, it does well.

You can create a customized budget, add transactions as you make purchases, and get bill reminders so your payments aren’t late.

One thing I’m always concerned with is the ability of someone to steal my phone and potentially make bank transfers. This app doesn’t actually allow you to perform transfers, so that’s good for security reasons. Of course, the app is password protected.

What It

What You Can Do With It

You’ll need to sign up for free if you don’t already have a account. This will require your country, email, zip or postal code, and a password. Then you will need to connect your bank card or credit card to the account.

It doesn’t take you long at all to get started. In just a few minutes, you can add all the cards you need. Don’t worry about obscure cards, because it’s likely you’ll find them in the list without a problem. All you need is your bank’s account login, not the actual account numbers, which is nice.

Each time you launch the app after initial setup, you’ll see your balance, how much credit card debt you have, and how much free cash you have remaining for the month. If you tap on one of these, you’ll see a balance sheet with transactions having been automatically placed into one of 12 categories.  

The app will also automatically make you a personalized budget based on your spending. If you don’t like the way the budget is set up, you’ll have to go to to change it.

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Mint: Personal Finance & Money


Pros and Cons


  • Fast and easy way to check your account balances
  • Automatically creates a budget based on your spending
  • Categorizes all your transactions
  • Basic and secure


  • Doesn’t allow you to transfer among accounts but this isn’t necessarily a bad thing
  • Some people might want more features

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Final Verdict

Really, what more do you want in a mobile app? I still use my computer for most of my main banking needs, but when I’m out and about I want to know how much money I have left to spend, this app can be a suitable option. I also like the bill reminders.

I’m glad that this app isn’t as full-featured as the web version, simply because my phone cannot be as secure as my home computer. 

Mint: Personal Finance & Money

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