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Soccer Scores Pro app review: this game is right on goal 2021



For someone like me, who is a huge football fan. and is on the road most of the time, it is really difficult to keep track of all of the latest football news. This is where Soccer Scores app – Futmob comes in handy.

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This one of the more extensive sports scores apps as it gives information that every passionate football fan wants and needs. Live score soccer app has fixtures, statistics, latest news, and club information all readily available. Let's dive deeper to see how it compares to other mobile livescore apps.

Soccer Scores - FotMob


Who scored?

The main goal of the app is to inform you of matches that are currently being played anywhere in the world from Australia to the USA and from Mexico to South Africa.

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This app has information of over a 150 leagues, and all noteworthy national and international tournaments, ranging from the British FA Cup to the Africa Cup of Nations and of course the World cup.

On the main page, this app shows all matches being played today, which is updated automatically every 45 seconds. You can pull down to refresh at any time, if you can't wait for an automatic update. Two tabs show yesterday’s results and tomorrow’s fixtures.

Tap a match and information comes up showing Goals, substitutions and any red cards given. Tabs here include the line-up, statistics and a quick link to the live league table.

Who scored? image

Leagues and teams

In the league tab on the bottom of the page, you can select any league out of the immense amount mentioned earlier and get an overview of the basic stats. Matches played, won, drawn, lost, goals for and against and the amount of points.

Click on the News tab and you will be supplied by the latest news from that league. Sometimes this is in the local language for that league, but mostly it is in English.

The matches tab shows all upcoming matches for the upcoming season, with their times and dates. Click on a team anywhere in the app and you’ll get an overview of the previous three matches played and all upcoming fixtures.

You can add your team to a favorites section for easy access and a quick overview for next and previous matches. If you really want to remain up to date at all times, you can purchase the premium version for $2.99, which removes advertisements and adds goal alerts.

You can also purchase these two separately for $1.99 each.

Leagues and teams image

Soccer Scores - FotMob


Pros and Cons


  • All information for free!
  • Always up to date
  • Loads and loads of leagues


  • No way to see team history larger than three matches
  • Not optimized for iPad

Pros and Cons image


 Soccer Scores Pro – Futmob really takes home the trophy for having the most up to date and qualitative info. Not being optimized for iPad is a small con, but having so much data at your disposal is amazing in a free app.

If you’ve always wanted to know who is winning the Swiss Challenge league, or how the Venezuelan team El Vigia is doing, then this is the app for you! It's a must have for any soccer/football fan. 

Soccer Scores - FotMob

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